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nickthetait created Toolhead Selection.Jul 27 2015, 5:28 PM
nickthetait changed the edit policy from "All Users" to "Cura (Project)".
nickthetait added a project: Cura.

First, the warning needs to be simplified or people will ignore it. Here are a few ideas:

This step is important! Failing to select the correct Tool Head can damage your LulzBot. Find more information at the following link:

Warning: Carefully select the right Tool Head. Flashing the firmware with the wrong Tool Head can damage your LulzBot. Learn more here:

Alert: This step is essential to protecting your LulzBot. Questions? Find more information at the following link:

Second, the labeling needs to be consistent with our (admittedly lengthy) naming conventions.

Since there is space, my preference would be to label the printers in the start diagram, including model number when applicable: LulzBot TAZ 5 LulzBot TAZ 4, LulzBot Mini, etc. How many models are we going to include here?

Tool Heads
Tool heads name convention is <Printer Make> <Model> <Tool Head Type> <phrase "Tool Head" with version>. An example would be "LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head V2".

Since the user has already selected the printer, I think it would be best to simply put a centered header at the top of the section that reads "LulzBot TAZ Tool Heads", "LulzBot TAZ Hot Ends" "LulzBot Mini Tool Heads", then proceed with the following labels:

LulzBot Mini Tool Heads

  • Single Extruder V2
  • Flexystruder V2

LulzBot TAZ Hot Ends

  • V1 (Budaschnozzle)
  • V2 (LulzBot Hexagon)

LulzBot TAZ Tool Heads with V1 Hot End

  • Single Extruder V1
  • Flexystruder V1
  • Dual Extruder V1
  • FlexyDually V1

LulzBot TAZ Tool Heads with V2 Hot End

  • Single Extruder V2
  • Flexystruder V2
  • Dual Extruder V2
  • FlexyDually V2
Steven added a subscriber: Steven.Jul 28 2015, 7:33 AM

Marketing is pulling together correct or better images for the tool heads. It would also be best if all of the tool head images were consistent with the back ground so they may do some editing of the old tool heads.

New images are desired, these were just pictures I ripped off our website or took with my phone :P

Any edits to the descriptions and labels would be accepted, what I have shown here are merely placeholders.

Also for reference: these toolhead pictures are around 150x150 pixels in size after scaling them down.

Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Jul 28 2015, 10:42 AM