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Poll Y axis circuit to check that it is plugged in before auto calibration sequence
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It is not uncommon for a user to forget to plug in the three connectors by the heatbed, which means that if they attempt the calibration sequence it will just push through the cube.

This is a request to add a feature to the FW that checks to see if the three connectors are plugged in before proceeding with the autocalibration. If the system detects that the connectors are not plugged in, it would display a error message along the lines of "check the y-axis harness and make sure it is connected" or similar.

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The firmware cannot check whether the connectors are plugged in. An unplugged connector, from the firmware's perspective, is no different than a nozzle which isn't touching the cube.

kent added a comment.Oct 8 2019, 7:58 AM

The thermistor circuit might be the only one in the harness that could be checked. This means that this fix would depend on the user forgetting all the y axis connectors, or none of them.