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Double Wiper Mount Width Causes Mounting Difficulties
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We have had complaints from customers about the width of the wiper pad mount causing issues during mounting because of what a tight fit it is. This seems to be an issue with all styles of printer because the root of the difficulty is that as designed the width of the plastic on the internal side of the wiper pad mount is essentially the exact same distance as the gap between the holes for the mount and the glass of the bed. This means to attach the new mount you often have to press the mount into place quite firmly and hold it in place until the screws are attached to hold it in place. This makes customers a uncomfortable and I have also heard mention of the glass sometimes slipping over the edge of the mount throwing the first layer out of whack.

To resolve this all we should need to do is narrow one side of the wiper pad mount so it has space to mount more readily. I have attached an example of the modification as I would recommend it for reference.

You can also see the mounting difficulty first hand by looking at ticket ID 212,596