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Determine usage of heat bed kits - Retail/RMA/LRS/Cluster
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Need current usage of heat beds in all areas of use

  • Retail
  • RMA
  • LRS
  • Cluster

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adam created this task.Mon, Sep 16, 9:57 AM
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adam added a comment.Mon, Sep 16, 11:23 AM

@Megan the buffers for the TAZ heat bed are showing 0.967 units per day sales. Do you believe that's accurate?
If so, we will need ~100 units to cover 90 days which should give us ample time to make a full determination on this and notify suppliers if we choose to discontinue fully. Purchasing is already reaching out for a quote of this many heat beds to get pricing and lead time.

@adam That sounds fairly accurate for these. We do currently have 25 total on backorder between SW and AM, so we will want to take that into consideration for total amounts to cover.

@Megan What is the longest amount of notice we need to give to this for resellers?

@karrad our longest reseller requires 90 days for discontinuation. Should we go ahead and start the end of life process for these longer resellers now, or wait until those timeframes?

@Megan Lets go ahead and start the discontinuation notices in that case. The modular bed plate and glass/pei will be the replacement piece.