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TAZ Pro X axis cable mount
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Hello I have a customer with a broken cable chain mount. I'm unable to find a part number for it and would like one made. Attached are photos of the part in question.

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sirah created this task.Sep 17 2019, 4:37 PM
sirah added a subscriber: DaniAO.Sep 19 2019, 2:39 PM

@DaniAO Hello, This is for a customers RMA and we will need a part number as soon as possible please.

@sirah we don't have any of these parts laying around. they have to be ordered. They come on the harnesses that we buy from igus

Would the best way to move forward is to send out the whole harness?

if you need the part asap, probably.

We do already have part numbers for these parts: EL-MS0383-Igus Mounting bracket, locking, incl. strain relief which is on both EL-HR140(Bed) and EL-HR1419(X)

El-MS0382 -Igus 06 Series Mounting Bracket Set 30mm Inner Width which in in EL-HR0140

Unfortunately at this time we do not have these parts in stock and can't get them in stock for a bit. So again, it would be best to send out the full harness.

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