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No Part Number Currently 100k Semitec NTC Thermistor 235mm with Micro-fit 3.0 Pin Terminations
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Part Number: No part number currently.

Part Description: We currently only have the NTC Thermistor with the older style of pin terminations used on MOARStruder and V3 Dual. It would be exceptionally helpful if we could get a part made specifically for the thermistor with the newer style of Micro-Fit 3.0 pins for use on the V2 Aerostruders (SE, SL, HS, HS+, HE). A lot of our customers don't have the tools to switch out the pins on their wiring for new ones even if we send them the new pins so having this part available is a pretty important thing for our customers ease of use IMO.

I believe this would require a part that is a combination of parts AS-CB0066 and EL-TH0012.

Is it marked as can be sold? No

Is there a price set? No

Has this items been requested enough that it needs to have a retail kit set up for it? I do think that it will be beneficial to make this part available for retail sale.

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I'm not sure what you're asking. The thermistor EL-TH0012 is supposed to have the old style termination. It gets plugged into a thermistor harness that acts as an adaptor from the old style terminations to the microfit 3.0 (look at AS-CB0066 for an example of the thermisotr harness)
We get the thermistor from E3d with that termination style. This was to make it one part number across all toolheads

I was hoping to get a part created in our system for the newer style thermistor with the correct upper harness for our V2 Aerostruders. As it stands to get the full thermistor with the newer style of pin terminations a customer would be spending $22 for a part that is basically exactly the same as the $12 thermistor which seemed unreasonable to me. Currently I made this request for a customer with an SL that need a new thermistor and he doesn't have a multimeter to test if it is the upper or lower portion of the thermistor that is at fault so I want to make sure he gets the full harness just in case he needs the upper portion but I was really hoping to avoid telling him he would need to buy another part to ensure he gets the full harness.

If the reason why the overall cost needs to be more is that we have to build the upper portion of the harness ourselves that makes sense, but I still think it would be beneficial to create a new part that includes both components and see if we couldn't reduce the overall cost slightly because as it is making people buy both parts separately isn't a great look for us as a company IMO.

@Galadriel Removing the pins from the upper portion requires a special tool, do you propose we sell that tool as well? This will very much increase the price of this replacement component.

I am also confused here, are you saying you have replaced the top part of the harness previously with these customers?


I believe she is saying that having one part number for thermistors across two different styles do not make sense.
We should have 1 part number for V2C connector, and 1 part number for universal mount system.
As it stands now, we do not sell the correct style for the universals, as far as I understand it.

We don't need to sell the tool, we just need a way for the customer to get the part.

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@Galadriel I still don't think we are exactly sure what you are asking at this point.