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Changing Error message for probe failure
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.20

Operating System: Octoprint

Printer: Lulzbot Mini

Tool Head: Stock

Description of issue: When there is a failure during autoleveling, the printer sends a message to Octoprint prefixed with Error: which causes Octoprint to disconnect. the printer then rewipes and does another auto-level like it is supposed to, but then nothing happens because Octoprint has disonnected. This is becuase Octoprint will disconnect anytime it receives a message prefixed with "Error:" or "!!." I am able to bypass this by having Octoprint ignore all errors, which is unsafe. Is there any way to change the first two autolevel failure messages into messages that aren't prefixed with "Error:"? (Note: I assume this isn't a Cura problem but I didn't see anywhere to put a ticket in for a firmware issue.)

Steps to reproduce: Run lulzbot mini with octoprint with the latest firmware and octoprint version and force a probe failure. Octoprint will disconnect because of the Error: message.

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