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LCD Color Scheme
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@Greggb We got feedback from TJ yesterday about the color scheme on the LCD screen for kangaroo paw. They do not like the green color, and had requested it changed to blue to match the rest of the color scheme.


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karrad created this task.Oct 4 2019, 8:50 AM
karrad triaged this task as Normal priority.
Greggb added a comment.Oct 7 2019, 8:39 AM

This is fine with me, but it will affect the quickstart guide which is essentially complete. Once you have the color scheme finalized we can turn the QSG around in a few days.

karrad added a subscriber: marcio.Oct 7 2019, 10:41 AM

@Greggb We were hoping for some creative suggestions about what sections to change and what colors to change to.

@marcio Is there an overall color scheme, or do we need to change each individual screen?

Right now the color scheme is already defined. I will swap the light green with light blue and the darker green with darker blue,

The icons and menu navigation works well as it is. I had one issue with the text for bed temperature being a little difficult to read, but beyond that it is very similar to Taz Pro, which I think is nice.

When you have the new color scheme ready I will be happy to take a look.

karrad added a comment.Oct 8 2019, 8:32 AM

@Greggb New firmware with color scheme is available, you can find it here:

Let us know what you think

@karrad all the menu items look great in blue. I went through each menu setting and everything looks good.

The only problem is the opening loading screen. The logo in blue with a blue backdrop is no good. I propose we change the background to white, and use this wireframe logo in blue, similar to the screenprinting on the side of the case:


karrad reassigned this task from Greggb to marcio.Oct 8 2019, 10:06 AM

@Greggb Glad you like it! Consensus here in PP is it looks much more like the part.

@marcio Is this something we can change for the splash screen?

karrad reassigned this task from marcio to Greggb.Oct 8 2019, 2:27 PM

@Greggb New firmware with your adjustment can be found here:

Let us know what you think, it looks much better imo. Good work @marcio!

Greggb added a comment.Oct 8 2019, 2:48 PM

This is good to go.

Am I ok to close this ticket?

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Oct 8 2019, 2:55 PM

@Greggb Should be solid, I will nab it for you.