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Change Start Up Functionality for Bio
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After talking with TJ, we have superfluous moves in the start up procedure for Bio. We would like to remove the extra X/Y home after leveling the X axis and place the tool head in a relative position for placing it in the container.

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karrad created this task.Oct 4 2019, 9:33 AM
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This is an easy adjustment. It will also affect the leveling script for the Mini 2, but I can't see any reasons this would cause a problem.

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@marcio The new functionality looks good.

@Steven Can you get a second set of eyes on this? I want to be sure TJ wasn't requesting something else

@karrad @marcio this still has two separate prompts at the start. In our discussion it was questioned if we needed the first one during start up and just have the second command home as it is also homing.

@Steven: Remember, the first prompt is for the user to clear the top of the printer, because it needs to home to move to the syringe removal position. The second prompt is for the user to remove the syringe. Both are necessary.