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Make a revision of postprocessing plugins.
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At present we have the following postprocessing plugins in CuraLE:

  • Pause at height (BQ Printers)
  • Color Change
  • Example script
  • Pause at height for repetier
  • Pause at height or layer
  • Search and Replace
  • Post stretch script
  • Tweak at Z or Layer 5.1.2 (Experimental)

We'll need functionality to disable (or hide) some of them, depending on the active Printer.
For example "Pause at height (BQ Printers)" should not be visible for Marlin printers.

I think "Example script" should be disabled/hidden.

We should also test functionality of every plugin that is related to Marlin printers in both absolute and relative g-code modes.

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@victor_larchenko ,
I have also assigned T3605, T10249 and T4975 to you. Feel free to consolidate these tickets under T10295 or work on each of them separately.