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Cura 2 will not allow me to use the "Console" to switch between To and T1 (control the extruders) with a Dual extruder
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When I use Cura2 and try to individually heat a hot end, I cannot select T1 to heat the extruder and extrude filament. When I select T0 it does heat the first extruder.
I tried T1 and T2, just in case it would work, but that will not change the control either.
I tested Cura1 and I can control the Dually.

I am currently using the V3 Dually, but my firmware is correct and the V3 Dually does work through Cura1

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@david.hall On my dual v2 all works fine, extruders changing correctly using T0 and T1.
Also printer send back "echo:Active extruder: 0" and "echo:Active extruder: 1"
I don't have v3 to test anything on it, maybe @marcio can help you?

@marcio ,
Any updates on this? I can't test it either.

marcio added a comment.EditedAug 15 2017, 10:01 AM

@marcio: It looks like Marlin 1.1.4 is requiring a home prior to allowing you to change toolheads. If you type "G28" prior to "T1" it will work. Notice that it prints "Home XYZ first" in the display.

@alexei. @david.hall: I meant that message for you guys. Not really talking to myself, although it may have appeared that way.

We will want to have that written in, as customers will not be doing an "home" first.

@david.hall: I may be able to fix this so it doesn't issue the error. It looks like the reason it requires homing is that for most printers the toolhead offsets are handled in Marlin, so doing a T0/T1 would cause the nozzle to move to a new position. But we handle the offsets in Cura, so T0/T1 would not require motion and should not trigger an error.

marcio added a comment.EditedAug 15 2017, 12:55 PM

@david.hall, @alexei, @victor_larchenko: Actually, it looks like this is a Cura 2 bug. Marlin does print a warning, but interprets the command correctly. The reason it fails to work is because the Cura console locks up if Marlin fails to acknowledge with an okay. Marlin is not consistent about printing "ok" after errors.

The fix I made for T968 has a special check for this situation and solves this issue, so it looks like I may have hit two birds with one stone.

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