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Cura 2 Crashing & Closing
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Using Cura 2.6.37 on Gladiola and System 76 computer
Cura 2 crashed twice this morning. Both times Cura 2 completely shut down rather than freezing. In the first instance, the printer made it to wiping the nozzle. I restarted Cura 2, kicked off another print, and made it through the first two layers before Cura 2 closed itself out again.

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karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Oct 9 2017, 11:42 AM

I had a crash this morning as well, while not communicating via USB. I switched between desktops, then click on Cura 2 to highlight the screen and immediately closed out. (No file loaded, blank build plate. Moarstruder TAZ 6 machine selected.)

karrad assigned this task to alexei.Oct 9 2017, 11:43 AM
karrad added a subscriber: alexei.

@alexei Not sure who is best to investigate this, assigning to you for now.

I had this happen twice today as well, with the new toolheads.

@Yahuba are you seeing this issue with 2.6.37?

@Steven I don't have a Gladiola system in our test lab and in regards to the other linux systems I do have (Debian Stretch, Ubuntu Xenial & Zesty) I have not been able to successfully print yet (in the case of Xenial T1138 and Zesty T1125 same with Debian). I'm trouble shooting that issue now to see if I can get printers to connect with one of our resident linux experts and will give it a shot once I can print.

I have an issue with Cura 2 and my mini where if I open another Cura 1 or 2 or and STL it will close the version of Cura 2 that I am printing from

Quick update, we have been testing 2.6.38 this morning on Debian Stretch and the first pass at the test, the software froze up and I had to do a force quit. Restarted and was able to complete smoke test and print successfully. Also went through Ubuntu Xenial and so far no crashes.

Testing 2.6.39 this morning on Debian Stretch and software froze. Had to force a quit to close Cura2. re started Cura2 and was able to complete test succesfully

@Yahuba in these tests are you using the same STL file for all builds? There is a possibility that certain STL files will force Cura 2 to crash.

@Steven Yes, we use the same sample file OHKeyChain.stl for testing although we do modify and change the sizes.

Reminder: For tickets like this saying there was a segfault is not enough to figure out what is happening. There are 2 types of crashing:

  • Python crash which will be visible in Cura logs, in this case the .log file should be uploaded here
  • There was a python library (C,C++ or fortran code) Segfault. In this case you want to run cura in debug mode:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/cura2:/usr/share/cura2/lib QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/share/cura2/qt/plugins QML2_IMPORT_PATH=/usr/share/cura2/qml:/usr/share/cura2/qt/qml gdb /usr/share/cura2/cura2

And then at debugger shell you want to type "run" to run the program, "bt" for backtrace when it would segfault. And upload the output from debugger here.
For the last step you would want gdb to be installed on your workstation.

Have not seen this issue in any recent tests under any OS or printer.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Oct 27 2017, 1:54 PM

OK, closing this as well. Re-open it if there are some crashes observed.

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