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Wipe sequence off center
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A proper start g-code is needed that will hit the wiper pad correctly, currently hits towards the rear near the plastic, much like we see with Gladiola and compensate for by moving the whole Y-Axis to the rear. I disagree with that method of solving the issue when it could be corrected in start G-code. As far as I’m aware it was evident on most machines.

  • Logan

Update: Instead of changing start gcode we can simply widen the holes in the wiper pad mount? See below

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An update on this and the start.gcode for Mini2;
The standard Mini start g-code bounces the Y-Axis between 172 and 174 during the wipe sequence. In order to hit the center of the wiper pad on Hibiscus 15 I had to modify the start g-code to bounce the Y-Axis between 169 and 171.
I will be taking a closer look at other Mini2 alphas next week to see how consistent this is.

tutley added a subscriber: tutley.Nov 29 2017, 9:10 AM

@logan the wipe location shouldn't change. There are no changes to the sheet metal or the wiper pad location. It turns out the model for the extruder mount was placing the nozzle about 2.75mm back from where the nozzle on dodo is. This has been corrected with extruder mount v2. pushed to hibiscus. Cluster is printing some out now.

tutley added a subscriber: Steven.Nov 30 2017, 8:49 AM

@logan I installed the new extruder mount on hibiscus 15 that @Steven has and it fixed the wipe location. Also it was missing the front right washer when probing and it now hits it. However it still barely touches that washer. @marcio we may need to shift the probing locations to the right a bit for a more consistent probe

@all: Tuning the location on of anything makes no sense until we finalize the bumpers that will be used on Mini 2. This has not been decided yet. Some of our printers are using rubber bumpers, others are using endstops as bumpers (but ignoring the endstop signals). This needs to be defined.

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I have seen this on a lot of production units, currently alleviated by moving the Y-Idler back on the frame. I am wondering if we can widen the holes on the Wiper Pad Mount to make room for more adjustment? It typically rides towards the rear of the pad.

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This is still happening y'all... I see a LOT of machines wiping towards the rear. We need a better way to adjust for this

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@logan last update on this ticket was in August- are we still seeing this as a big issue?

@DaniAO nothing has been done to resolve it. We are able to get machines to hit the wiper pad, but not center.
So whether it is a "big" issue depends on whether we as a company feel it is "good enough" as long as it hits the wiper pad.

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Talking with production, it sounds like this issue isn't as much of a concern to production as it has gotten better. Part of this could also be due to having an older firmware which is being addressed in a current change order. Closing this ticket as "wont fix" for now as there is several tickets with a higher severity that may require an update to this in the long run.