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About Cura Window Notes
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Not sure if these have been mentioned in other tasks, but noting here just in case they have not:

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Gnome: Version 3.14.1

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@Orias , What is the String should be exactly?

Cura is developed by Ultimaker B.V....

@Orias ,

Build info strings runs the text out of the visible area

I don't think we'll have a time to fix this (it works OK @higher resolutions BTW) based on prev. tickets like this.

This is what we used in legacy Cura:

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We've changed the About dialog text. However, later we need to get translations for the i18n files. I left the translations as the original text for now. Going to move this to v3 work board so we can look further into the resolution issue later.

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UM 3.2 about screen:

@Steven I have updated licensing on the about page to match UM Cura licensing. Want to check this one over before I close out?

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