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Windows Mouse point doesn't line up with click locaton
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Running Cura 2.6.52 on Windows 7 64. Mouse clicks, especially on the right side bar, do not register where the mouse point is! There's clearly a large offset! Do you not see this on other Windows installations?

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@aaronelliot - I am not able to replicate this on our Windows 7 test station. You may want to check that Windows and Drivers updates are all up to date on the machine.

It is not my computer. This only happens inside Cura 2. I am a software developer. You appear to be using a non-standard windowing api and are only testing on one Windows 7 test station?? It looks like something is getting the mouse location for a component and incorrectly assuming this to be a global-position (or vice versa), or the local to global translation is wrong. You may be relying on taskbar/windowbar/titlebar positions that may change due to the windows theme.

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@aaronelliot can you provide the screen resolution that is being used on the workstation you are seeing this issue with?

We are not seeing this issue on any of the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS or Linux computers that we test on here.
The code uses the Qt framework and doesn't interact directly with the desktop environment.
There must be something different about your setup.
What theme are you using? Did you move the taskbar to a location other than the default bottom of the screen?
Does it make a difference whether the Cura window is maximized?
Are you using multiple monitors?
What type of video hardware do you have? We have seen issues due to OpenGL drivers.

Desktop resolution is 2560x1440. It is using a default theme, but fonts are scaled. Might be using small icons in the taskbar. There is still an offset minimized and maximized. This laptop only has an Intel video card.

Qt mouse events return global position. Make sure you are using QWidget::mapFromGlobal(), not trying to figure out the size of the desktop yourself. And that you are mapping to the canvas object, not the container.

More horizontal spacing funkiness.

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This is an issue caused by the Intel GPU driver. Update to a newer version of the driver and the problem should be gone. See this issue for Ultimaker Cura for more information: (specific versions are mentioned here:

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@aaronelliot Have you had a chance to update drivers, and see if the issue persists? We have not been able to duplicate this on our end, and would like to verify if this is the fix. Thanks!

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We are going to close this one down, pleas re-open if above fix from fieldOfView does not get you sorted.