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Taz Firmware scroll wheel too sensitive
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The firmware included in Cura LulzBot Edition 2.6.52 no longer has the preset temperatures such as pla, abs, etc..... I do a lot of printing from sd card and used these to warm up printer before printing. With this firmware( I now need to set the temperature value for nozzle and bed separately with scroll wheel.

The scroll wheel also seems very touchy compared to previous version. I have found myself accidentally selecting the wrong box often lately,

I was previously using the firmware included in Cura Lulzbot 21.08

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@keebie81: The temperature presets have been removed since pre-heating is no longer necessary. The TAZ 4/5 will now behave like a TAZ 6 and Cura 2 will write the appropriate temp commands to your GCODE. Simply select the material profile in Cura 2, adjust the temperature (if you wish), and save your GCODE for printing. There is no need to pre-heat.

As for the scroll wheel, I can investigate, but some changes were made to improve the responsiveness of the scroll wheel on TAZ 6. It is possible this made the scroll wheel on older models behave worse.

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@keebie81 With the update on how Cura is handling temperatures, along with the 30+ supported materials we will not be re-implementing the pre-heat options via LCD.

We will be sure to look into the sensitivity on the scroll wheel and see what we can do to get it fixed up.

I see. Can we get the next cura to let us connect without requiring the firmware be updated then?

@keebie81 At the moment, if you would like to connect w/o updating firmware go to Preferences -> Configure Cura -> Developer Settings -> Allow connections to wrong machines.

As a note, this is not recommended. We have made changes to both firmware and start gcode that interact together, and changing one but not the other may cause issues.

RE: Scroll wheel sensitivity, are you seeing something similar to this?

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On my printer at home I changed two values in config_adv to make the scrolling more reasonable.

I don't recall right now exactly what I changed them to but it was around 160 for 10x and 300 for x100

Increasing these values makes the temperature not jump straight up to 300 if you scroll too fast.

#define ENCODER_10X_STEPS_PER_SEC 75 If the encoder steps per sec exceeds this value, multiply steps moved x10 to quickly advance the value
#define ENCODER_100X_STEPS_PER_SEC 160
If the encoder steps per sec exceeds this value, multiply steps moved x100 to really quickly advance the value

marcio added a comment.Jan 5 2018, 7:22 AM

@zachah: Strange. On my printer, I cannot get it to jump by 100 no matter how fast I turn the knob. It doesn't appear to me to be overly sensitive. Are you using stock hardware or have you done any upgrades?

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I've got stock hardware on my Taz5. I can also make any of the Taz 6s we have here in Tech support scroll that fast as well.

I'd agree that it's not too overly sensitive but for people like me who spin the knob at lightspeed less can be a good thing lol

Would you like for me to get a video of some x100 scrolling?

Also it occured to me this increased sensitivity may be referring to how the older Taz5 firmware had different encoder values so that 2 clicks of the knob would move one space on a menu

In T1613#28681, @zachah wrote:

I'd agree that it's not too overly sensitive but for people like me who spin the knob at lightspeed less can be a good thing lol

I guess the question I have is whether you spin the knob at ludicrous speed because you are used to the old FW, which had the encoder settings all wrong? If so, I'm sure that once you get used to the new FW, you will find that you can spin it at a much more leisurely pace and give your wrists a break :)

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The error doesn't happen until 2:00

marcio added a comment.Apr 4 2018, 2:51 PM

The embedded video doesn't work for me.

kent added a comment.EditedApr 4 2018, 3:00 PM

@marcio, for me, it works in firefox but not in chromium. If you are using chromium, maybe try firefox. The error happens first at 2:00 and then at least another two times in the remainder of the video.

Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Jul 6 2018, 3:21 PM

There's been another report of this or something similar, but with Hibiscus:

Is there a fix in the pipeline for the glcd highlighting one thig but selecting another? Now that the mini2 has one and im stuck using newer firmware I get the issue often. Ill come back to the wrong item printed. Its also hard to tell because the filename only shows briefly during start. Otherwise its mini printing.

I've asked for more details and will update when able.

Here is the issues occuring in Hibiscus.

Orias added a comment.Jul 9 2018, 7:17 AM

Thank you for the video @keebie81, is this the latest firmware included in Cura LE 3.2.21?