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Thermal Error v3 Dual
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I'm working with a customer who says that twice now he has had his printer fail 36 hours into a print and he got this error message: (it happened only when he was using his V3)

Heating failed EO
Please reset

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The customer just got back to us about this problem, and when he put his single extruder back on he was able to complete an 8 hour print with no problems.

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Another user reported this, helpdesk ID 153112. Using a V3 with a Taz 6. Cura 2.6.63, gonna check the firmware. Part way into the print he will get an error of "Heating failed E0 PRINTER HALTED Please reset". When putting on his single extruder he can complete the print without the error.

Oddly when switching the extruders, so using T1 as the main extruder, he can complete prints alright. Resistance readings from the E0 thermistor is 126.7kohm and the heater is 19.2ohms.

Resolution: Customer reported that thermal error went away when we went to different prints, but we suspect he turned down the fan setting.

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A lot of times when this happens it is because the part cooling fan is cooling the heater block too much. It happens more close to the bed when the fan first kicks on during the second or third layer, or when the part has a big cross section and the air from the fans gets reflected off the top surface. One thing you can recommend is to try with a lower max fan speed setting in cura.

As a followup to this I checked up on my user who reported the issue, helpdesk ID 153112.

I went over altering fan speeds a few days back, but he did not try the fix. Instead he says that the heat issue does not show on other parts he is trying to print, and has not reported the issue since.

lansky added a comment.EditedJan 17 2018, 2:49 PM

@kent I have another report of this. Helpdesk ID 154555.

We've upgraded the user to Firmware version 11.5.64, Taz 6 Aerostruder.

He is having print failures due to Heating failed E0 error, and we do think that is due to the fan, we are going to try a print with the fan just disabled.

But he also reports that he has temperature fluctuations when the toolhead is holding temperature outside of a print, he will set the temperature to 240, and after reaching temperature it will drop to 180, or fluctuate dramatically. We've checked his thermistor and heater resistance and they are normal.

Any idea what could be causing the out of print fluctuations/temperature drops?

Resolution: We sent a new toolhead

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@lansky Cura 2.6.66 with Marlin should have adjusted PID values for the aerostruder. Please have the customer give that a try.

We are waiting to hear back.

@lansky This will also required the M502 and M500 commands to update the PID. T1693 should have the need for these commands fixed in future releases

Customer has responded back, using M502 and M500 to revert . Issue still persists. We are on Cura 2.6.66 and firmware 11.5.64.

The firmware included in Cura 2.6.66 should be marlin The .64 branch will not have the PID fixes

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I would like to report another V3 having heating issues that we will likely be getting back for evaluation.

It is helpdesk ID 154312, RMA10140, a V3 dual extruder on a Taz 6, Cura 2.6.66 and firmware, making sure to revert to default to get the right PID settings.

Issues show even outside of a print, if PLA temperatures are selected temperature will fluctuate, and then display an E1 heating error message.

Resolution: sent replacement toolhead.

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@lansky Can you post any photos showing the fluctuations? What profile and material are they using?

Go ahead and swap it out for eval, and see if you can get any other details.

He did provide us some Octoprint readings (he was not using Octoprint to print, I was suspicious of a Octoprint connection issue myself, he just likes the temperature readout better), and said he was getting the same fluctuation on the LCD screen that he was getting in Octoprint. He is using the Polylite PLA profile.

@lansky Thanks for the followup. Please be sure to note this ticket on the RMA.

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@west @tutley I am not sure who to give this one to, but we need to double check our PID tuning on the v3 dual extruders.

We have had reports of thermal runaway errors on multiple materials/profiles, and need to confirm proper settings. We have had ~15 reports of thermal runaway errors (E0 and E1) using and FW.

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@karrad I dont think aeorosturduer PID will work since the aero uses v6 heater block and the dual uses the some(sum?)struder block

Could this be from bad thermistors? I dont believe any that went onto duals had soldered crimps

@west it is possible that it is the same issue we saw with Aerostruders, but we would like to verify.

@lansky @nickp Can you check the units we had returned for evaluation, to see if MER has had a chance to determine the issue?

I'll go through the RMAs listed in the tracking sheet and see what the results were. Off the top of my head so far it has been thermistor replacements.

From the look of the guys screenshots his temp is very crazy mimicking @benmalouf s printer before

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Here is the message without the link to shared-j: "After going through the RMAs for both the V3 dual extruders and Aerostruders each RMA has been a thermistor replacement/hotend replacement. There was one where we found the fan was not turning correctly."

@lansky Thanks for the update. From now on, please log any of the thermal error issues you have on this ticket. It will help us keep an eye on them opposed to the spread sheet.

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157801 Customer called with Heater Failed E1 error on V3 Dual Tool Head. Sent pin crimping instructions for thermistor.

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156832 Runaway Heating E1 V3 Dual Extruder. "the machine will print part of the raft or object and after 5 or 10 minutes will stop with either a "Heating Error-E1" or "Runaway Heating E1" and it will require that I shut off the printer to reset the error. I get the error when running either Cura 2.6.66, or MatterControl from MatterHackers. The firmware version is v1.1.5.70."

johnson added a comment.EditedFeb 15 2018, 12:59 PM

157915 Customer reports V3 Dual Extruder for TAZ 6 is sending Heating Failed E1 error. Upadated to Cura 2.6.69 with Marlin firmware. Crimped thermistor connections.

bigmansas added a comment.EditedFeb 17 2018, 8:50 AM

I just set up an RMA for a customer getting the same error on his V3 dual toolhead. He has Cura 2.6.69 with the latest firmware installed. E0 heating failed

Helpdesk ID: 151602

Heating failed E1 roughly 10 minutes into the print of impossible gears. Double checking that he has latest version of Cura and firmware.

Helpdesk ID: 158089

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 19 2018, 12:23 PM

Aerostruder. Thermal Runaway E0 when fan turns on, using the standard profile in latest version of Cura for Bridge Nylon. Lowering the fan speed helps, but does not solve.

HelpdeskID: 158159

Resolution: Customer is not comfortable tightening wires, we offered repair and have not yet heard back.

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2018, 7:28 AM

Cura 2.6.69, flashed firmware from that Cura version, V3. Thermal runaway/failure to heat while setting up extruder (using the Polylite/Polydissolve profile)

HelpdeskID: 158275

Resolution: Went over tightening thermistor connections and have not yet heard back.

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2018, 7:29 AM

Cura 2.6.69, flashed firmware from that Cura version, V3 and Aero, customer has multiple toolheads and said that this happened on 5/7 of his toolheads. Thermal errors.

HelpdeskID: 158273

Resolution: Went over tightening thermistor connection and have not yet heard back.

@lansky Does reverting to 21.08 and included FW fix the thermal issues seen above?

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2018, 7:34 AM

Cura 2.6.69, firmware, V3 on Taz 6. Not maintaining temperature.

HelpdeskID: 158255

Resolution: Getting toolhead in for repair.

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2018, 7:38 AM

Cura 2.6.69 with that firmware, V3 on a Taz 6. He does not get a thermal error but his right hand side extruder is consistently lower then the left hand extruder.

Helpdesk ID: 158247

Resolution: Went over tightening thermistor connection, have not heard back yet.

lansky added a comment.EditedFeb 21 2018, 7:45 AM

Cura 2.6.69, Mini Aerostruder. He was having heating errors, after lowering the fan it's no longer an error but the temperature does drop and stay lowered when the fan turns on.

Helpdesk ID: 158188

Resolution: Went over tightening thermistor connection, have not heard back yet.

@karrad We have not tried going back to 21.08 yet. What firmware version would you want to use? Since 21.08 does not have setups for the V3 or Aero we would have to choose a custom firmware version to flash. Would 21.08 even work for the V3 extruders?

@lansky You said 5/7 tool heads, are these all aerostruders and v3s? Have you checked thermistors on them yet?

@karrad Yeah, mostly Aero and he has like 2 V3s. We went over tightening the thermistor connections and have not heard back yet what the results were.

@lansky Can you review the above posts and ID's, and edit the information? We will need to know if/what tickets were fixed with replaced thermistors and which ones are having issues after replacing thermistors.

Ticket 157801. E1 error on 2nd hot end. Had customer crimp thermistor wires and update Cura. Customer has a V3 Dual Extruder.

158655 Wild fluctuations of heat readings didn't specify getting any thermal runaway errors. Cura was updated. Customer has Mini Aerostruder. Getting back for repair

158676 Experiencing wild fluctuations in heat readings. Cura was updated to 2.6.69. Customer has a Taz Aerostruder. Getting back for repair

158737 Receiving Heating Failed E0 error and getting very erratic temperatures. Cura and firmware were okay he completed M502 and M500 commands to no effect. Customer has Taz Aerostruder. Getting back for repair.

158914 "About 10-15 mins into the print, I have gotten an error message 'Heating failed E1 PRINTER HALTED Please reset'. I have tried this print twice and have gotton the same error message. The message appeared within 3 or 4 layers between the two prints. I am using the green PLA sample that comes with the printer in E1 and have the eSun PVA sample in E2. "

158594 V3 extruder on TAZ 4. Followed Brent.i's instructions on the Forum. the dual extruder V3 head I have is one of those that has the thermistor issue ( and I saw it happen, asking me to reset ), so i‘ll need to send it back anyway to be fixed. Will ask for exact error when give him RMA.

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@johnson @Galadriel @lansky @TyTh @Bobby4wd @bigmansas Thanks for keeping up on these reports.

We are going to close this ticket, as we have determined the thermistors to be the issue on these errors. We have a service bulletin posted here:

If you have any reports of the v3 Dual Extruder Thermal Runaway Post Fix please log them here:

If you have reports of an Aerostruder with Thermal Runaway Post Thermistor Fix please log them here:

Thanks again to everyone that helped us track down this issue, we will be sure to closely monitor any other developments on these products in the future.