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Feature Request: Duplicate quality profiles when duplicating materials
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Customer brought this to my attention. When duplicating or creating profiles, there is no profile available. My intuition expects that the profiles should follow when duplicated, but it could just be due to misunderstanding on my part.

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karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Jan 15 2018, 8:12 AM

@itrippet Can you double check what version the customer is running? We had a few fixes for this since the last stable release. Check Cura 2.6.66 and this should be fixed up: T1374 T1380 T1597

karrad claimed this task.Jan 15 2018, 8:12 AM

@itrippet Also please double check what they are trying to duplicate. Screen shots are showing materials.

Are they expecting all the profiles to follow automatically when duplicating a material?

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Customer says they are using Cura 2.6.63 to do this. I will get back to them and have them upgrade and try again.

@karrad following up on customers latest response. He is now on 2.6.66 and he says Cura is behaving the same way.

He is wanting the profiles to follow when duplicating a material. So if he copies the material IC3D ABS he wants the new material to have all the profiles that the IC3D ABS had so that he can modify them from there.

Sounds like this is not a feature in Cura LE?

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@lansky Ahh i see.

When duplicating a material, it will just bring in a "default" profile to allow the customer to make alterations. Once an alteration is made that they like, they can "create new profile from existing overrides" This will allow them to have as many quality profiles.

Each profile is tied to a specific material, and only logs "changes" to that materials specific settings. If we were to duplicate the existing profiles, they would be tied to whatever the original material is. If at a later date, we make changes to the individual material it is tied to, it will affect the "custom" profiles as well. This is working as intended, to prevent issues in the long run for customers.

I have moved this to future release, and we will see about duplicating quality profiles and tying them to new custom materials at a later date.

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@karrad Thanks for the response.

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@karrad, pushed to T1706 branch

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@victor_larchenko Thanks, looks to be working great. Going to re-open for merging once we release 3.2.21

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