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Feature Request: Add New Machine Mechanics
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We would like to revamp the selection process for adding a new machine.

At the moment, we have a long list of machines that requires a customer to scroll through. As we continue to add more machines and tool head combinations, this list will get unruly.

At the moment, we have a couple of handy check boxes in Upgrade Firmware and Machine Settings. The one in Machine Settings allows the specific LCD firmware to be flashed.

If we can expand upon this, to have multiple check boxes on the Upgrade Firmware page, it will allow us to control this list in the future.

@benmalouf @mcoronado @nickp @lansky @Orias What are your thoughts on this change?

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@TKostennov, This one depends on the state of T1734

I think is is good, we had a similar system with Cura Legacy. It looks like in the mock up that the toolhead selection is on a separate page from machine settings, which is good, putting that in machine settings would also be too much clutter.

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Due to documentation, this will not be available for hibiscus release. Moving to backlog

@benmalouf @mcoronado I feel this one will be a high priority moving forward, and now is the time to get an outline of how we would like it to function. Do you have any input on how we should be selecting printer and tool head combinations in the future?

@benmalouf @mcoronado We will have 3 new tool heads coming out for 3 separate machines, leading to 9 new printer definitions within Cura LE. Do you have any input on this one?

marcio added a subscriber: marcio.Jul 18 2018, 8:31 AM

We could auto-detect the printer based on pre-installed firmware. That way if the user accepts the default, they only need to select their toolhead. In the case that a printer is not found, or that the user wishes to change the default selection, we could have a button to show a printer list.

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@victor_larchenko @TKostennov Thank you for looking these over, and we appreciate your insight. After discussing locally, we will want to go with the "checkbox" option as outlined int he original posting of the ticket.

This will be the only new feature we intend to add before next release, and we will get other feature items unassigned. There may still be some bug tickets we have pop up, but we expect those to be minimal.

@victor_larchenko @TKostennov

What is the status on this ticket? We need this one completed as soon as possible.

@karrad We finished this and tested on Debian Stretch, you can check it in T1708 branch.
We also need an icon for buttons "O" and "L".

Do we need exclude Lulzbot printers from "Other" section?


For now, we are going to forgo icons for the buttons. Can you update "O" to say "Other" and "L" to say "LulzBot" - When updating this locally, the button does not have enough room to show the full word.

We do not need to remove the LulzBot printers from the list/other view, but please make all printer selection categories in the list/other view collapsed by default.

The last tweak, we need to change all of the printer selections for LulzBot to be LulzBot Mini, LulzBot Mini 2, LulzBot TAZ 5, LulzBot TAZ 6 (My apologies for not adding that to the original ticket)

@victor_larchenko Please start merging master as well. We have added a couple new machines and will need to be incorporated. We would like to set RC candidate tomorrow if at all possible.

@karrad, buttons and printers labels fixed. Merged to master.

karrad added a subscriber: kenhara.EditedAug 29 2018, 9:54 AM

Current cosmetics of machine addition:

@kenhara @mcoronado @Orias We are on crunch time here for finalizing Cura LE. While this is not perfect, we feel it is much improved way of adding machines. We need to decide today (8/29/18) whether this is sufficient for release for Achemon. If this is not acceptable, we can revert to the list view until next release.

One issue that has been reported is AerostruderMicro is one word.
Another possible issue is on TAZ 5/6 and Mini 1 they have "SingleExtruder" for the tool head.

I am attempting to get these fixed before release, but I do not feel it is worth eliminating one more day of testing. (Release of achemon less than two weeks out) If they cannot get fixed before this release, they will get fixed in the next release.

Let me know if you would like this installed on your computer for initial testing

Spaced out Aerostruder Micro

It is a little close to the edge of the box, but better imo

@lansky can you check this out? maybe have someone else from your team check it out too?

Overall this looks good to me and definitely an improvement, however I have not personally tested for all the corner cases.

We need to add the older style hot ends that are supported (e.g. v2). Presumably we'll be supporting the v2 as it's shipping on TAZ 6 right now.

In T1708#62362, @karrad wrote:

Spaced out Aerostruder Micro

It is a little close to the edge of the box, but better imo

^ Agreed.

Just fixed naming and spacing on Aerostruder Micro, please let me know if it is sufficient:

@kenhara One of the great parts of this, it will only show tool heads compatible to what printer you have selected =)

@karrad Yeah I'll have to get us updated to the version that has it, but we will test it out.

@victor_larchenko We are getting a binding loop on launch:

2018-08-29 12:41:42,910 - WARNING - [(140439401076480)-MainThread] UM.Qt.QtApplication.__onQmlWarning [272]: file:///usr/share/cura-lulzbot/resources/qml/AddMachineDialog.qml:125:21: QML GroupBox: Binding loop detected for property "implicitHeight"
2018-08-29 12:41:42,912 - WARNING - [(140439401076480)-MainThread] UM.Qt.QtApplication.__onQmlWarning [272]: file:///usr/share/cura-lulzbot/resources/qml/AddMachineDialog.qml:125:21: QML GroupBox: Binding loop detected for property "implicitHeight"

Go ahead and push to master, T1708 looks to be complete after this.

Alright it looks good to me. If I have LCD selected it's selected when I got to machine settings. It acts a little strange when you click "other" like as all the options populate into the menu. And it can be a little slow to bring up machine settings after I click add printer but that is just gravy.

@lansky Thanks for the feedback! We will get this one distributed to Devel once capped, and testing once we complete smoke tests

If @lansky is cool with it, I am too. I strongly prefer this user experience.

I think the layout will help customers better understand what they're running, and what options are available to them in terms of configuration/upgrades.

I just noticed this on Cura LE 3.2.25 and really like the layout of it compared to the previous versions. especially the LCD area. That should make things much easier when upgrading the the Mini LCD without having to find the LCD box.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Aug 30 2018, 10:16 AM

Glad everyone likes it! Great work @victor_larchenko and @TKostennov