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Update Aleph Objects Drawing Templates to say 2018
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Files to be updated are here /home/aleph/shared-j/Documents/R&D/titleblocks/

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tutley created this task.Jan 22 2018, 1:14 PM
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The new svg with the 2018 copyright is in /shared-j/Documents/R&D/titleblocks/A4_Landscape_Aleph_2018.svg

alexei reopened this task as Open.Aug 2 2018, 11:53 AM
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@Steven, I don't think it was really updated in FreeCAD repo for both Drawing modules.

Ah, didn't realize we were including this file in the build of FreeCad. In the drawing we looked at the template was being grabbed from the directory I noted above.

west added a subscriber: west.Wed, Jan 2, 2:30 PM

Since it is the start of 2019 we need all templates updated to 2019