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Better printing or PDF export of projects
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It would be helpful to be able to easily print out a project or export to a PDF for print

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Here is an example of the old vs the new.

The old one is 75 pages while the new one is 23 so that's good. Having multiple images per page is good.

There is a weird thing happening on the step 5 in prepare documentation on the new one that is causing the title to be split across two pages.

@Steven do the changes to the pdf export here look like what you were expecting as far as a resolution to this ticket?

The file name of the exported pdf has spaces which I would prefer to avoid. This might be a separate issue that we can open a different ticket for later on if need be.

Steven added a subscriber: Orias.Mar 26 2019, 2:26 PM

I think this definitely looks better for something a user could print out and use. It would be good to get feedback from @Orias as I think this was originally requested for customers to be able to follow instructions for tool head setup.

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@Orias please review this new pdf export feature and provide feedback in a new ticket as needed.

The T201-better-printing branch is now merged into staging to address this T201 issue.