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V3 Dual Extruder Thermal Runaway Post Thermistor Fix
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With the recent service bulletin for thermistor issues on the V3 Dual Extruder, we would like to track any issue that arise after a thermistor fix. If there are any thermal issues, please let us know the following information:

Version of Cura:
Firmware Version: (Can be reported by M115 while connected through the console)
Material(s) Printing With:
Profile(s) Printing With:
RMA Number or Date of Customer Fix:

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Ticket 156737

Customer reports Heating Failed E1 Printer Halted Please Reset after repair.

-What Cura version you are using (2.6.66)
-What Firmware version you are using I had customer update to Cura 2.6.69 before creating this. so version should be
-What filament profiles you are using for each hot end (E1 - PLA Verbatim High Detail 50% density/ E2 - Polydissolve 20% Density) No other customizations
-What filament you are using for each hot end (E1 - ESUN PLA+ Blue / E2 - Polydissolve S1)
-When the temperature goes down on the print how far does the temperature drop Unknown because error completely covered screen

  • Old RMA10270, New RMA10552.

Customer wants to exchange tool head now.

@johnson Thank you for the report. Go ahead and swap the tool head if that is how the customer chooses to proceed. One thing to note, Esun PLA+ usually prints much hotter than standard PLA. It is usually in the 220c range, but if this was the issue it would likely be stripping out.

Adding on @kforrest @david.hall Please try to duplicate this once it comes in using these profiles

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Ticket 171035

Customer got toolhead back from repair and has experienced extreme thermal drop (almost 100C) and Thermal Runaway as well as Printer Halted errors.

-What Cura version you are using
Cura 2.6.69
-What Firmware version you are using
Taz 6 Dual Extruder
-What filament profile you are using
Custom, based on the nGen profile.
-What filament you are using
colorFabb nGen, PolyLite PLA, and PolyDissolve S1 (Extruder2)*
-Original RMA number
-New RMA number

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Customer contacted tech support about the thermal issue service bulletin. I confirmed that the thermistor connections were indeed not soldered on. Also noticed a leaky nozzle and created a ticket, T3184.

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@lansky Do you feel we still need to be tracking these, or has the SB addressed the issues? (I am guessing the few we have rad reported were do to material defects.)

@karrad At this point I think we can stop tracking these.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Nov 8 2018, 10:56 AM

@lansky THanks for the follow up, closing this one out.