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TechDraw Template doesnt match Aleph Objects standardized template
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The techdraw template doesnt match the AO template, and when importing an AO template into techdraw, the data in the title block cannot be edited. There have been redlines for drawings made in techdraw to match the rest of our drawings, but unless these drawings are edited in Inkscape or something similar, these templates cannot be changed. We would like a template for techdraw that matches the drawing and dimensioning "standardized" AO template.

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Took care of this since drawing dimensioning no longer works with FreeCAD 0.18 and thus we needed a functional template for Techdraw. Turned out to be some extra things inkscape had in the file that Techdraws SVG interpreter couldn't comprehend, such as translations. Solution was to go into inkscape and select all, delete layer, paste in place. This essentially resets the objects to de-link them from the weird code. This solution was taken from the tutorial here

I tested the new versions of the 2019 templates I generated in both techdraw and drawing workbenches and both work well with the new files. I have replaced the files in the shared drive.