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Arduino drivers manual installation
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I know that we have the process on the OHAI, but it still seems like the online directions tend to confuse people. Extracting the files seems to cause some people the most problems if they are not very computer savvy.

Maybe even putting a note in letting them know that it should ask for the drivers to be installed on the initial setup.

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@bigmansas Do you have a link to the specific page you want updated? If it is the one I am thinking of, it probably hasn't been updated since before we were using Cura. Cura is set up to install the Arduino drivers automatically when installed.

We've got the guide here: and it doesn't really go over extracting/saving the files once they download them, and I know for some people this is easy to figure out, but every now and then we get someone who has a very hard time trying to extract the file with 7-zip or whatever software they choose to use. It seems like when I try to walk them through it over the phone on a windows based machine it pops up with some kind of security settings and people kind of tend to panic when they see something like that pop up. If there were a few pictures of a windows machine going over how to extract and save the file it could really help out.

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@bigmansas Thanks for the clarification! We look into getting this updated for you.

@karrad For Mac and Windows documentation, is there a contractor who works with us on these tasks?

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@glatti We can get screen shots as needed, but for the most part we do not have anyone dedicated to this. What help are you looking for on updating these?

This is also an OHAI request, going to move to that workboard as it is not LE related.

@karrad sounds good. I'm just saying that since I don't have access to a Windows comp, writing steps and getting screen shots for how to extract and save a file sounds tricky

I can help with this if desired, if I can duplicate their security prompts on my M$ system at home.

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Mainly just pictures of the security prompt that pops up when a user tries to install on a Windows machine, and also, if possible a write up on extracting a .zip file for the RAMBo driver. We don't get a whole lot of calls about it, but it could help give the customer piece on mind, if they are unfamiliar with computers.

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@karrad @bigmansas Any interest in updating this still? I don't believe MER has the ability to assist with this other than uploading some text explanation for the requested clarification. If anyone has the ability/desire to write that out and post it here for review I would be happy to upload it to the correct location upon approval.

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@logan This one is a support request, I will defer to them

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