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Feature Request: When multiplying a selected model, copies are generated out of the build area
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Running Cura 3.2.13 in Debian GNU/Linux (Stretch)

After loading a model and properly scaling and centering it, multiplying the selected model generated the new copies out of the build area.

Presumably we prefer the models to populate in the print area first.

In the picture below, step one of making multiple copies of the model:

In the picture below, the three copies are out of the build area to the right:

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testing on 3.2.14 and can duplicate. It looks to be an issue with how the duplicate models attempt to be arranged. If you move the rocktopus to a corner or scale it down, it will attempt to fit as many copies as possible on the plate:

@TKostennov Ideally we would like to optimize the number of duplicate objects that can fit on the plate, with all extras being just outside the build volume. It also appears the original model does not move position when duplicating, and may be contributing to the issues.

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@karrad, I think we should rework placing algorithm.
Do you prefer more complicated algorithm which can sorting models on plate more compact but will use all resources of PC, or simple algorithm which can sorting models not so accuracy but more fastest and use a bit of resources.

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@TKostennov I have been digging on UM github, and looks like they have a couple tickets up dealing with the positioning algorithm:

@victor_larchenko @alexei Earlier the thought was to allow UM to work on the placement algorithm, did we still want to hold off and see what they come up with?

I am going to drop priority on this until we determine a path forward.

karrad added a comment.EditedApr 4 2018, 11:03 AM

Summary of current model positioning/duplicating tickets:

T2170 - Multiplying model positioning
T2249 - Model Scaling incorrectly
T2169 - Positioning under the build plate
T2168 - Scale Large Models not working
T1969 - Relative movement setting

@TKostennov Do you think all of these can be taken care of with a re-write of the positioning plug in?

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@TKostennov We are going to hold off on all of these until future release.

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@TKostennov lets go with the higher CPU load, and closer grouping of models. This extra taxation on the comp should be easy to explain to a customer.

karrad added a comment.Jun 5 2018, 1:51 PM

@TKostennov Have you had a chance to work on this one yet? We are trying to get timing down, and not sure how much you will need to complete this one.

@karrad I tried to find optimal algorithm for grouping. Most of it requires too much CPU (really a lot) resources for normal result, other ones grouping models not so accuracy as we need. I think I can add something which can combine both options. It will take about a week.

karrad added a comment.Jun 6 2018, 7:59 AM

@TKostennov Awesome, that sounds great. We will keep this one in line for next release, we are hoping to do about a week to a week and a half of feature dev. Testing from T1099 integration will determine how we handle T2662

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