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Standardize menu option capitalization
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Running Cura 3.2.13 on Debian GNU/Linux (Stretch)

Menu drop down options have inconsistent capitalization under several menus where latter words are all lower case:

  • File: OK
  • Edit: OK
  • View:
    • Solid view
    • X-Ray view
    • Layer view
    • Camera position
  • Settings:
  • Extensions:
    • Unit conversion
      • Convert to METRIC (why all CAPS?)
      • Convert to IMPERIAL (why all CAPS?)
    • Model Subdivider Plugin (Experimental)
      • Create plane
      • Subdivide mesh by plane
    • Plugins:
      • Browse plugins
      • Install plugins
  • Preferences: OK
  • Help: OK

At first glance, some of these would seem to be because there is a "..." after the option, however there are options that end in "..." where each word is capitalized, such as:

  • File > Open File(s)...
  • Settings > Profile > Manage Profiles...
  • Settings > Printer > Add Printers...
  • Settings > Printer > Manage Printers...
  • Preferences > Configure Cura (should be no matter what because Cura is a proper noun)

Like T2173: Standardize Profile Naming and Classification System, I assume this one is for Marketing/Creative to make a determination before further action on this (if any).

Edit: Adding a screen shot here in case it's not clear what I'm talking about. In the picture below, I dropped down View since it had a few of these:

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@benmalouf Low priority here, but we will need your determination before we can implement this change.

One more that's currently capitalized that might need to be changed to lower case:

Currently: Extensions > Post Processing > Modify G-Code

Change to: Extensions > Post Processing > Modify G-code

In this picture, that selection:

In this ticket, @benmalouf clarified it is G-code with a lower case "c"

Determined this will not affect documentation, can roll in when decision is made.

@benmalouf If we are going to roll this into the next release, we will need to know how you would like it done by June 5th

Out of curiosity I looked in several other programs to see if there's a standard. Chromium has ONLY first words and proper nouns capitalized. Seems like most other programs capitalize all words except articles, connectives, and prepositions, or proper nouns that aren't intentionally un-capitalized. Other programs like Inkscape (and Cura currently) are all over the place.

I think we should probably do what's most standard and in this case that would be to capitalize the first letter of all words except articles, connectives, and prepositions, or proper nouns that aren't intentionally un-capitalized.

karrad claimed this task.Jun 1 2018, 11:38 AM

@benmalouf Sounds good, we will get this started. Once we have a build available with the changes, we will get this one back to you for review.

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@TKostennov Assigning this one to you, please keep it as a lower priority. If we don't get this change in this release, we can grab it next time.

@karrad It didn't take much time. I Hope I understand you clearly.

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@TKostennov Thanks, this looks great!