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Feature request: Bottom view orientation button
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The top right corner of the Prepare screen currently features five different orientation buttons:

  • ??? (Overview? Corner? There's gotta be a name for this, right?)
  • Front
  • Top
  • Left
  • Right

In this picture, the general screen showing the buttons I'm referring to with the first option selected:

However, there is no "Bottom" orientation button. Requesting we add that.

This way, users could see the degree to which a model is connected to the print bed from underneath.

In this picture, an example of what that might look like, with the model selected:

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@karrad Bottom view orientation button added. We need an icon for it (should be called "view_bottom"). Also bottom view available from the "View" menu.

karrad added subscribers: mcoronado, TKostennov.

@mcoronado Please generate a bottom view bottom to be added to the other directional views:

Sorry, I forgot to push in "Uranium" repository.

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@mcoronado The code base is in place for this to be incorporated for next release, we will just need an Icon to get it incorporated. Any chance you can have one to us before June 5th?

@karrad Bottom icon has been pushed to the repo.

mcoronado closed this task as Resolved.May 31 2018, 2:04 PM
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@mcoronado What is the commit, or what repo did you push this to?

mcoronado committed rCT998de868b9c5: add view_bottom.svg icon (authored by mcoronado).

add view_bottom.svg icon



mcoronado (Author)


karrad reassigned this task from mcoronado to TKostennov.Jun 1 2018, 7:12 AM

thank you sir!

@TKostennov Icon is ready, let us know how it goes!

@karrad Icon looks great. You can check it in "T2187" repo and merge into master.

karrad added a comment.Jun 4 2018, 8:51 AM

@TKostennov The button looks great, and is changing view on my local build. I think we have the angle incorrect however. I am currently seeing this when clicking on the bottom view:

We should be getting an angle directly below the object, looking at it through the baseplate like this:

@karrad Looks strange. On dev build it works correctly.

Bottom view is last button in row.
I checked code, there is no way to show front view instead of bottom. Can you test it again, please?

I also checked it on another machine. Bottom view button works correctly from "T2187" repo.

@TKostennov Ahh, sorry about the confusion! Looks like I was missing the uranium portion, looks great when i build it correctly!

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jun 6 2018, 6:31 AM