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Notification of nothing to slice in Monitor Window
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Running Cura 3.2.13 on Debian GNU/Linux (Stretch)

Cura has a number of notifications that pop up when there is an error that requires user intervention/resolution, but there is no clear indicator/notification when no model is previously loaded in the Prepare view, when the user is then in the Monitor view.

The only indicator is a subtle one, insofar as the Start Print button disappears.

In this picture, mouse hovered over where Start Print normally is available to the user:

There are a number of ways we could indicate this to the user, or decide to leave as-is. This is a UI/UX question, but I think the current solution is inadequate.

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@lansky @benmalouf Do you for see confusion on this from customers? The main indicator there is nothing to print aside from the lack of print button, is there is no visual model loaded on the bed.

Some context on how this came about:

I was doing repeated printing of the same model that is known good and printable without issues, so I'm not doing much in Cura with it.

I'd deleted the model to take a screen shot, but forgot to re-load the model.

I hopped over to Monitor view to click Start Print and noticed it was missing but couldn't figure out why and it wasn't clear.

Yeah it could be confusing. If possible a message saying saying that a model needs to be added in order to print would be good.

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@lansky Sounds good, we will get a pop up added similar to the wrong tool head pop up:

Proposed warning dialog:

"Nothing to slice, load model file in the prepare window to begin a print."

@kenhara @benmalouf Please feel free to do some word smithing if you would prefer a different warning.

karrad renamed this task from Notification in Monitor Window to Notification of nothing to slice in Monitor Window.Mar 27 2018, 9:49 AM

Tagging @glatti in case he has feedback on this. I think this is straight to the point, like the other notifications that are in-place at this time.

My only thought is perhaps Prepare (first letter) should be capitalized as a proper noun referring to that window/view?

We've been avoiding saying "View" with Prepare/Monitor buttons in the QSG, since Cura has Solid, X-Ray, and Layer Views as well. "Window" works well I think - @kenhara I agree on the caps for Prepare, and would cap Window as well. Will update QSG to reflect this for consistency if you agree. @karrad I think we could remove "Nothing to slice" and just say the second half.

@benmalouf IMO - "Load model file in the Prepare Window to begin a print."

@glatti ^ This sounds good to me, please verify with @benmalouf

@glatti Thumbs up from this guy.

@glatti @benmalouf @kenhara Sorry I had missed this in the first proposed situation. The customer can also load gcode files to print, but would like some warning about verified gcode files.

"Load a model file or verified gcode in the Prepare Window to begin a print."


Works for me, using whichever is our standard term for gcode (e.g. G-Code, g-code, gcode)

Looks like in Cura it is G-Code but that doesn't mean we need to defer to that, just saying for reference:

@karrad @kenhara sounds good! just chatted with Ben - standard is "G-code"

"Load a model file or verified G-code in the Prepare Window to begin a print."

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@TKostennov We would like to add in a pop up warning in the monitor screen when there is not a model file loaded or gcode file loaded that sates:

"Load a model file or verified G-code in the Prepare Window to begin a print."

We currently have the print button disabled in this situation, and may be able to tie the pop up to that.

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@karrad, I changed "Start print" button behavior and add a warning on a overlay. I think its need to be tested. But i tested it with .stl and .gcode files and all works OK

@karrad @TKostennov I'm happy to help verify this when I get 3.2.14 on my workstation, so feel free to assign to me if you like.

@kenhara This one won't be included until c.16. I like the location though, thoughts?

@karrad Interesting, but subtle compared to the standard warning that I'm familiar with, for example:

Do we have other notifications in-place like this proposal (the green text overlaid on top of the window)? I'm not sure if I've seen this before?

Bigger picture: Do we have tiers of alerts in Cura LE? I'm imagining one that's informative (like this proposal) and another that shows more critical errors/issues (like the one I embedded for reference)? That might be nice. It would parallel to the two levels of alerts [(i) and (!)] we have in the Quick Start Guide:

I would be curious Creative team's input on this proposal specifically and the broader conversation around notifications.

In the meantime, I think we could implement something that's consistent with the current notification approach to address this ticket. That could mean this green text if we have precedent for it, but if not, then the bottom frame of the window with an X in the corner like the example I referenced above.

@kenhara Lets set that precedent!

@benmalouf @mcoronado @DRobertson We would love to get your thoughts on this one.

I like the subtle green text opposed to the pop up. This ticket was originally submitted as someone forgot they deleted a model file when switching back and forth when switching between monitor and repair. I think a gentle reminder that you need to have something loaded in order to operate the printer is a good route. This will also prevent an ugly pop up if someone is trying to connect only to use the machine controls. We should save the big pop ups for critical issues imo.

Would it be difficult to have the message near the print button? Black text similar to "Printer Not Connected" and "ready to Print via USB," the proximity to the button would help direct the user and it wouldn't introduce a new style and location for messages. Just my preference.

@TKostennov After talking it over with creative and marketing, we need to move the warning location to just above the print button:

I like this solution, nice @mcoronado!

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@TKostennov Looks good, thanks!