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Cura LulzBot Edition needs more cats.
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Application: Cura

Operating System: All

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Cura
  2. Open Cura

Expected result: Cats.

Actual result: No cats.

Error message: None.

Files used: None.

Desired resolution: Cura LulzBot Edition doesn't have enough cats. More cats please.

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Just a little update guys. No cats in Cura yet but I figured out how to make memes!

Macro first-meme: Is technially a meme quite a terrible meme

Create a macro from here:
Then use the name (on its own line) to just show the picture
Use this format to add text on top of the image:

{meme, src = first-meme, above = Is technially a meme, below = quite a terrible meme}

Aha! Great job figuring that out.