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Unable to Connect to Hibiscus
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Attempting to connect to Hibiscus with 3.2.15 on Mac OS X High Sierra.
Selected Hibiscus in add printer screen. When attempting to connect, getting a "Wrong Printer Detected..." notification. Status changes to "Connection Closed". After attempting to Auto-flash FW, attempted to connect again and received same notification and status.
Double checked FW via LCD on printer as well as console in CuraLE and in both cases was showing M1.1.8.21.
Was able to connect by over-riding (preferences > configure > allow connections to wrong machine)

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Yahuba created this task.Mar 29 2018, 10:26 AM
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I am seeing this on debian hibiscus as well.

Steps to duplicate:
1.) Clear Cache
2.) Launch Cura and add a Hibiscus
3.) Flash default firwmare through machine settings
4.) Attempt to connect

Expected result: Allow connection to printer without warning
Actual Result: Prevents connection and throws warning about wrong tool head

@Yahuba Can you check the other printers and see if this is an issue across the board or hibiscus only?

Tested 3.2.15 on: Mac OS X with Taz6/Flexy Struder, Ubuntu (17.10) with Mini/Aerostruder, Debian with Taz6/Moarstruder, Win7 with Taz6/DualExtruder v2, Win10 with Mini(LCD) & Win10 with
In every case at first launch, FW installed was and was prompted to flash FW for update which brought it up to and succesfully able to connect after flashing FW. Seems like this issue is isolated to Hibiscus.

victor_larchenko closed this task as Resolved.Mar 30 2018, 2:08 AM