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Pause at height directions
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Using Cura 3.2.13 on System 76 work station with Gladiola LulzBot Mini
The 'Pause at height' feature paused at the correct height but then immediately turned off nozzle heat. I had to use the 'heat extruder' control to change and purge filament. When clicking resume the printer moved to the home position then turned off nozzle heat once again. I attempted to pause and resume several times before aborting the print. Once I pressed 'abort print' the tool head re-homed then attempted to resume to print before stopping all together.

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Was able to verify some issues when pause at height is activated;

After pausing, the tool head heat is turned off
When hitting resume, the tool head re-homes in X and moves back to the park position.
Once returning to park position, it attempts to resume print before re-heating

We need to either re-heat (and wait) the tool head after hitting resume, or change behavior to where it does not cool off when pause at height is enabled.

@eBeardslee What is your main purpose on this one? I suspect it is for color changes, which would indicate we want to maintain printing temperature

I think for this particular print I was changing the color. I would imagine most people using this are either a) switching the color b) about to run out of a filament and are therefore switching the filament, or c) embedding something within a print. That being said, not even being able to resume the print was a bigger issue.

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@eBeardslee In the pause at Z plugin, there are some values that need to be set correctly in order for it to resume:

By default, the standby and resume temperature are set to 0c. This will cause a cold extrusion when attempting to resume a print, and prevent it from happening.

I will try getting in the default temperatures from the profile for these settings automatically, but we may need clear directions on this if it is not possible. Can you give it a try by updating those temp fields in the plugin?

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@eBeardslee So I am unable to add in the variable temperature per profile, but I was able to get successful resume of print when updating the standby and resume temps.

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We need to clearly document setting up the Pause at Z height plugin

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For the next round of Cura updates?

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@glatti Yup, in the cura workboard there is a column dedicated to Cura LE documentation requests. The goal is to have all of these on the site for Hibiscus Release at the latest

T2205 - We are going to experiment with a different pause plugin, we may want to wait creating these directions until we can qualify the new plug in

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The different plug in will not be included for release, and will need to document how to use the existing one.

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@karrad , the ticket is over a year old now. Can we close it?

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@alexei Until T3605 and possibly T10249 are fixed, we still don't have correct directions for this in the manual. I know this is often requested by customers, and will need to be in the manual once corrected.