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High Temp PLA profiles
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Cura 3.2.15, Debian.

The retraction seems too high on all the High Temp PLA profiles. Most materials (the random four I checked) all have 10 for Retraction speed, Retraction Retract Speed, Retraction Prime Speed, but High temp PLA has a 20 for all of these, and it causes the toolhead to squeak/groan while retracting. Retraction distance also looks a little too high at 2mm. This appears to be on the Mini printers only, I saw it on Hibiscus/Default Mini/Aerostruder Mini but not on the default Taz.

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My test run of Proto Pasta's High temp PLA came out looking good, I can't think of a reason this change would cause an issue. I'll run some samples through and see if changing the retraction causes any issues. I will update this ticket when I have completed the tests, the profile adjustments will be posted in T1824 when they are confirmed.

No issues! Turned out great, I'm posting the profiles now.

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