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Options hidden in gnome
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I have a Lulzbot Mini, and I attached the LCD display. Then, in Cura I went to update the firmware, and under machine settings, as shown in the first screenshot, there's no box for the LCD.

It wasn't until later I discovered I could widen the window and see the checkbox, as shown in the second screenshot. I learned that this is a gnome issue, as you can't double click the header bar to make it full screen, only by bringing the mouse to the edge of the window can you widen it.

This is in Cura 3.2.14

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@matth Thank you for the report, we appreciate it! We just had this one reported a couple of days ago, and should have it fixed up in the 3.2.15 and newer releases. see T2018 for more details

While it wasn't too intuitive that that window could be scaled, we added in some scroll bars to show that there is more information present.

Thanks again, and happy printing!