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PLA profile affecting extruder temperatures
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We need to modify the PLA, Polylite... profiles to turn the fan down on initial layers. The current profiles turn the fan on at 100% when the nozzle is on the first layers. This is causing a refraction of air from our considerable part cooling fan, to blow back on the nozzle and drop the temperature 5 degrees or more. The fan could be set to 50% and then ramped up slowly to 100% when there is less possibility of air affecting the nozzle.
This is necessary for the Mini and Taz, Aero and V3 tool heads.

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@anolen Can you check on the polylite profiles with a tool head that is known to have the thermistor fix?

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Sure, Should I use a Hibiscus or gladiola with an Aero?

@anolen Start with the V3 dual extruder, and than on to gladiola. The 40w heater cartridge in hibiscus should be fine to help alleviate this.

I don't think I have a V3 Dual that has had thermistor work recently, I do have Gladiola's that did.

@david.hall Can you get Anolen a working v3, or double check the ones she has?

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Put a V3 Dually (with soldered thermistors) on @anolen desk. this morning. Should be good to use.

@david.hall Thank you kindly sir! 😄

I ran a few dual Poly PLA prints and couldn't get a temperature fluctuation with our profiles. Dual V3 Poly PLA Profile is good for now, moving on to the Taz Aero

I have been doing testing with a Taz 6 Aero. After talking with @karrad he explained that Cura's "Initial Fan Speed"+"%" is always active, it cannot be turned off, so when it says "0%" it is only going to remain there until layer 2 when it calculates the percentage appropriate when taking "Regular Fan Speed" and "Regular Fan Speed at Height/Layer" into account. I have brought down the fan to starting the 2nd layer at 5% and I still get a 6 degree temp drop (same as 15%), my toolhead was indeed soldered. Any Thoughts?

@anolen How long does it take to recover from the drop? A drop is expected, along with a quick recovery

It recovered in less than 8 seconds, didnt seem to be causing any print issues either.

@anolen Try a couple larger prints, and see how it is affected.

Hello, Has there been any recent changes to V3 profiling?

@kforrest Last time profiles were changed, was june 18th but it was just a name update on T2173. We have also added in some experimental profiles, but we have not changed the existing settings.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Sep 21 2018, 7:43 AM

@anolen Re-reading this ticket, it looks to be resolved with no print drop issues. Going to close out, please re-open if you think it is necessary