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Marlin progress bar not updating alongside Cura progress bar when printing over USB serial
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Operating System: Debian "Stretch" GNU/Linux
Software: Cura LulzBot Edition 3.2.17
Firmware: Marlin 1.1.8
Connection: USB Serial
Material: High Temp PLA (Proto-pasta)
Profile: Standard
Infill: 30%
Build Plate Adhesion: Skirt
Model: ProtoGnome (CC0)

The progress bar in Cura's Monitor screen is active and progressing with the print, however the Marlin LCD progress bar is stuck at 0%. There does not appear to be a feedback loop connecting to the progress/status bar on the LCD.

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@marcio We need to finalize FW today, so if this one isn't a quick fix we can push it back to next release.

@brent.i: Cura needs to send a M73 to update the progress bar. Elena had implemented this, but Alexei reverted it since it was happening too frequently (c9798f414dbee409df6e481fa6a5fa30582ea546)

@karrad: I did @brent.i again, sorry.

@brent.i: I can put in a better fix for this, in Cura, if you want.

@marcio If it is a quick one, lets give it a go. I would like to finalize this version for beta testing today

@marcio Updates look to be happening as intended. I will let this one run, and if it reaches 100% at the end I will close it out.

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Came in to a 100% complete status on LCD while printing through USB. Closing down.