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No Online Help (F1)
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In FreeCAD 0.16.5480-1 the online help doesn't work. This can be accessed through the menu at Help --> Help, or by hitting F1.

It gives the error:

FreeCAD help files not found (/usr/lib/freecad/doc/freecad.qhc). You might need to install the FreeCAD documentation package.

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The documentation is installed, but FreeCAD is looking in the wrong location. The help system can be viewed directly by running this:

assistant -collectionFile /usr/share/doc/freecad-doc/freecad.qhc

A small patch needs to be made in debian/patches/ and rebuilt.

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Looks like this is still happening, btw.

Yes ATM docs are intentionally removed from the package to save space (they do add 90MB).

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This is still true in Debian Buster's FreeCAD version 0.18~pre1+dfsg1-5.