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Cura 3.2.19 won't slice model
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Large sized, low complexity .stl loads OK, but won't slice. Usual behavior is that Cura begins slicing after a momentary pause after making an adjustment to any parameter. This particular model seems to break that functionality with no error message given.

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hrabbot created this task.Apr 20 2018, 2:20 PM
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@hrabbot Sorry to hear about the issues! Can you share your system information (Operating system, graphics card) printer/tool head information, and material and profile settings? The STL would be a great help as well, just to ensure there is nothing wrong with the model.

Specs are as follows: Win 10 Pro 64, Intel HD 4000 Laptop onboard gfx, running a Taz 5 Moarstruder. It doesn't seem to matter what material/profile I select. STL uploaded.

@hrabbot Ahh thank you very much! We found an issue in one of the TAZ 5 quality profiles that was causing errors in the background. After getting that updated the errors are no longer present, and was able to get a successful slice:

I have pushed the fix, and a new 3.2.19 version should be available for testing here in ~ 1 hour:

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