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BUG: CuraLE 3.2.18 Changing parameters for extruder1 when modifying extruder2
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While configuring a new printer on 3.2.18 last week, @david.hall and I found that when we changed the second extruder from polylite to polydissolve it was modifying the temps on the first extruder.
I am not able to recreate this today, but I did notice that when I changed the second extruder filament to polydissolve, the flow % for extruder 1 was reduced by 5%

After changing second extruder filament:

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@victor_larchenko We also saw an issue with the maximum fan speed being transferred over in T721

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@karrad, the reason of this bug is ultimaker architecture with global quality profile for printer. Now that profile set from last changed quality from extruder 1 or 2 so some values may change if one of extruders doesn't override this setting. Not sure that we can easily change smth. there before release.

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@victor_larchenko Thanks for the update, going to move this one for a future release.

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@victor_larchenko We have an update to this one.

We have been able to determine whatever profile you select last, will update the other tool heads fan speed settings. We need to ensure fan speed settings are unique between each extruder.

To duplicate:
1.) Set Polylite PLA High Speed to first extruder
2.) Check min and max fan speed settings (should be 50/100 on 3.6.6)
3.) Change to extruder 2, and select "no material" and High Speed
4.) Check Extruder 2 fan settings
5.) Switch back to extruder 1 and check cooling settings
5a.) Min/Max fan speed on extruder 1 will now be 0/10 instead of 50/100

This process also works when updating Extruder 1 last, and will update Extruder 2 to whatever cooling settings are in extruder 1.

Double checking fdmextruder.def.json each cooling setting does look to be settable per extruder, so not quite sure where else to look.

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@victor_larchenko This one is becoming more problematic, and we will need to get it sorted. Going to bump priority for now, please commit to a separate branch for testing.

@karrad Set blank profile for global quality, so now extruders use only their own values. But now some values that are not overridden in extruder profiles can be set to default values from fdmprinter.json

@victor_larchenko @alexei Is there a commit for this? This bug is still in 3.6.6. We need to get a fix pushed, thanks.

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Initial tests are showing identical gcode files:

test 1

test 2

I noticed one issue on the graphical representation. When first launching it will show the layer heights in the quality selector:

After changing the quality selection on either extruder, it will default to 0.1mm

@karrad The default to 0.1mm is that something new or a separate issue?

@jebba Checking master, it appears to be an old bug. Opened separate ticket on T6777

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I can't seem to replicate that 0.1mm default. What I did:

  1. Set extruder 1 for polylite pla, extruder 2 to polydisssovle, both profiles to default standard - 0.25
  2. Restarted Cura
  3. Changed layer height for either nozzle.

Profile still says standard - 0.25.

In an older ticket T5890 I mentioned how Cura doesn't notify you when changing a value in how it'll affect the other nozzle. I think it would be best for each nozzle to be completely separate in terms of settings. Currently a profile includes global settings and settings for each nozzle; I think this should be changed so that profile is only the settings for a nozzle. For example, a user should be able to select nozzle 1 and have it print at standard quality, then select nozzle 2 and have it print at high speed quality. Right now it seems like it currently has the issue that @karrad mentioned in his Apr 22nd comment: changing one nozzle affects the other. If the user is using 2 of the same material then it's fine, but this is a big issue when using two different materials.

@matth Please set e1 and e2 to separate quality settings, ie High detail and high speed. This will average the layer height setting in "custom" to 0.25mm even though high detail is 0.15mm and high speed is 0.35mm. If you look at the quality drop down, it will not report the averaged setting in the drop down option. See T6777 for a more accurate description

@karrad Checked again and it sends correct data to engine now, not sure why files are identical.

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Merged to master. Will leave this ticket open for a couple of days just to be sure there are no problems introduced for profiles.

@anolen I believe we have all of these instances fixed up, are we good to close this one down?

@karrad I havent notice an issue like this on my newer builds, I feel good about closing it down. We can make a new ticket or reopen if more reports pop up.

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