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BUG: 'Create New Profile' Action changing settings
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When I try and create a new profile from a base (high speed, standard, etc) profile in cura it creates, lets me name it, and seems fine, when I select that created profile again it then registers as an unsupported profile, the material name becomes highlighted in orange (expected), and then many (not sure how many) of the settings change to something completely different than the parent profile. This has happened on all materials and profile types I have tried it with and it does carry to the other printer options. Here is a profile I created and exported so you could compare on your end, this was created with the Polylite PLA High Speed Profile, the only edit is the LAYER HEIGHT:0.33mm (this was so I could create the new profile to export).

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@victor_larchenko It looks like when creating a profile, it is only referencing the material settings. Can we set this up so it will import whatever quality profile the new profile was created from?

This is a profile created from TAZ 5 standard CSL ABS with layer height changed to 0.1mm:

This is the stock TAZ 5 CSL standard abs profile:

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@karrad, the problem was in unset global quality, so no need of copying of all values. @anolen, please check if problem still exists.

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@victor_larchenko Thanks, looks good!

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@victor_larchenko It appears that the profile will duplicate the quality settings, but it now shows up under every material. Here is a TAZ 5 ABS profile modified, but it is selectable under all the other materials:

This can get confusing for customers that have a lot of custom profiles, as the list can get long. Can we keep the custom profiles available just when the material they are based off is selected?

karrad added a comment.May 1 2018, 9:07 AM

@victor_larchenko I think this may have to do with the global quality. If we cannot get these to be material specific when created, we would rather have them function in the long list than miss appropriate values.

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