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Z offset notice
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When updating firmware, this will change the Z offset for the printer back to stock firmware. We would like to add a notice on the pop up when flashing firmware to note the Z offset and how to update it once done flashing.

We can get the Z offset from three separate locations at the moment.
1.) Calibration paperwork shipped with the printer
2.) From the console by entering an M851 command
3.) From the GLCD on printers that are equipped with them

At the moment, I tend to lean toward just documenting the M851 as this will cover all printers and report any adjustments the customer may or may not have made.

Proposed Wording:
"When updating your firmware, your Z offset will be set back to the number defined in the firmware before calibration. Before updating, connect to the printer and open the console in the monitor tab. Type in "M851" and hit enter. Record this number, and after flashing the firmware update by opening the Console and typing "M851 Z-x.xx" where x.xx is the number previously reported. Type "M500" to save this setting to your printer.

We are attempting to get this in before marketing is doing the videos for Hibiscus, and if possible would need an answer as soon as possible. @benmalouf @Orias @mcoronado @Greggb

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karrad created this task.Apr 30 2018, 1:45 PM
karrad triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.
karrad created this object with edit policy "Cura LulzBot Edition (Project)".

@karrad I agree that number 2 is likely the best option of the three since they're going to have Cura open for this even if they do have the GLCD. Wording looks good in general, though I would say "Record >the reported< number,"

Couple of questions:

  • Will the flashing also update any custom e-step calibration they have for their extruder? Should they record that also?
  • Is there an opportunity to change all of the copy on that pop-up (I'm assuming that was Cura's default firmware flashing copy)?

@benmalouf We can update all of the text on that page pretty easily. I noticed the "step motors" and the lack of an oxford coma (4life!). I would be happy to update anything else you notice is off.

P.S working on my formatting, but we should be able to get it intoday:

^^ Definitely will not be release that way

Oh, almost missed it. Yes the firmware update will change any custom Estep modifications, or calibrated Estep for the TAZ 5/6. M503 for that command, and a similar process

Current location for proposed text:

I wonder if we just focus on instructing to -- and how to -- record the numbers here, and then separately/elsewhere provide instructions on how to update these numbers later?

@kenhara Not a bad idea. We could link to a page on with details on putting the numbers back on the machine. Really, linked page could have details for doing both but I do think we want the recording step built into Cura so it's easier and people are more likely to do it.

Orias added a comment.EditedApr 30 2018, 3:09 PM

We can create a tutorial on, detailing Z-offsets.
We also currently have:
Get E-steps:
Restore E-steps:

We can link to them from the Upgrade firmware window as a compromise until this process is more seamless to the end user.

I do think we want the recording step built into Cura so it's easier and people are more likely to do it.

Makes a lot of sense, agreed. So recording information will be right there, immediately accessible to the user.

Maybe also in a link since the window will "disappear" when they close it to go retrieve the numbers?

Nice tutorials @Orias! I think we could link to the E-steps posts (and a newly created Z-offset one) for more information.

In the meantime @karrad needs the copy and URLs, IMO we can make the full Z-offset post later (using the provided URL)

Current Phrasing:

I dropped the update instructions, and we can also have customers contact support for their "calibrated" offset if we would like.

The text on this page cannot be copied by highlighting, and we will likely need to add a button if we would like to link from here.

URL should be the last item we require, along with a placement of the new button. Where would you like that?

Orias added a comment.Apr 30 2018, 3:39 PM

Proposed Wording:
"Note: Find and record two key values before updating your firmware:"

"Find & record your Extruder steps per unit (E-steps)."
Get E-steps

"Find & record your Z-axis offset (Z-offset)."
Get Z-offset

Restore the following two values after the firmware upgrade has completed:

Restore E-steps

Restore Z-offset

alexei added a subscriber: alexei.Apr 30 2018, 3:47 PM

This is really a temporary substitute for T1372. I think all we need to place there is the warning,

WARNING: Upgrading firmware will reset your Factory Settings.

^^ Current state of firmware notice, pushed to 3.2.19

@karrad Looks good to me!* With the default Z-offset changing from Gladiola to Hibiscus, I think this is a good change that will benefit users.

*Assuming the articles being linked to are written clearly and are published by the time we fully "go-live" 😄

karrad added a comment.May 1 2018, 9:00 AM

Alexei got in some formatting for us, i think it is improved. Current 3.2.19 (hoping to push internally today)

karrad lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Normal.May 1 2018, 9:02 AM

Dropping priority for final tweaks until after internal update.

Orias added a comment.May 1 2018, 9:49 AM

Will this window with this info:
Restore the following two values after the firmware upgrade has completed:

Restore E-steps

Restore Z-offset

Remain on screen after the firmware flash has completed? If not we may need to either reopen the window, or change the copy to let them know they need to open all the links before the window disappears.

karrad added a comment.EditedMay 1 2018, 9:52 AM

@Orias As long as you only close the FW complete box, it will remain open:



Orias added a comment.EditedMay 1 2018, 9:56 AM

<nitpick>If we can without too much issue, let's use "Extruder steps per unit" if you don't mind, to match what we've used elsewhere.</nitpick>


@Orias Keep them coming! I don't like the "might" phrasing currently. We know it will erase revert custom esteps/pid/z-offset when updating

Orias added a comment.May 1 2018, 10:11 AM

We're a fan of certainty, and active voice. Update it to "will", and we can remove that later when that's no longer the case:

... will overwrite the following parameters...

@Orias No need for final approval now, but any other tweaks you see?

Orias added a comment.EditedMay 1 2018, 10:35 AM

Ben & I are knocking around a short two liner to further thin out this word soup, we're going for something short & sweet.

Orias added a comment.May 1 2018, 11:18 AM

Your LulzBot 3D Printer ships from our factory ready to help you Make Everything, right out of the box. Get the latest features and the most performance out of your LulzBot 3D Printer by keeping your firmware updated.

WARNING: The firmware updating process will overwrite certain parameters. Restore the tuned values by following the steps below after the firmware update is complete.

Please have the following values recorded before updating your firmware:

  • Extruder steps per unit: [E-steps]
  • Z-axis offset: [Z-offset]

You will need to [restore the E-steps] and [restore the Z-offset] after the firmware update is complete.

Note: [link text]
The last line repeats a bit to further drive home the point, and to help differentiate between the first links and the second.

Language has been updated, will continue to work on formatting when there is time.

@Orias I left the "before" underlined, let me know if you would like that removed.

Orias added a comment.May 1 2018, 12:56 PM

Underlining "before" is great, anything to catch their attention. Think we'll be able to have more white space between the sections? Thanks!

karrad reassigned this task from benmalouf to TKostennov.May 1 2018, 2:52 PM
karrad added a subscriber: TKostennov.

@TKostennov My formatting is failing me, please add a single line spacing, separating the text in these locations:

@karrad Check it please. Spacing added.

karrad added a comment.May 2 2018, 8:07 AM

@TKostennov Looks great thanks!

@Orias 3.2.20

karrad closed this task as Resolved.May 2 2018, 8:07 AM
Orias added a comment.May 2 2018, 8:09 AM

This works for us, thanks all!