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BUG: Custom profiles with custom materials
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In an attempt to share a custom material and profile, we ran into an error when importing the quality file.

steps to duplicate:
1.) Load LulzBot Mini Aerostruder and create a custom material
2.) Select custom material from drop down list, and make modifications to "default" profile. Create profile from current/existing overrides
3.) Export the custom material and export the custom profile. (save locally)
4.) Clear cache, and re-start Cura. Add in a LulzBot Mini Aerostruder
5.) Import Material
6.) Import Quality

Expected Result: The material and profile are selectable with the changes made in step 2

Actual Result: An error occurs when trying to load the quality profile



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@victor_larchenko This one is showing up again in 3.2.22.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.) Load TAZ 5 machine
2.) Duplicate PC/ABS material
3.) Update high strength profile temp, create profile from existing settings/overrides
4.) export custom material, export custom profile (save locally)
5.) Close cura and clear cache
6.) Launch Cura and load TAZ 5
7.) Import Material
8.) Import Profile

@victor_larchenko What are your thoughts on the best way to handle this long term?

One thought is changing .curaprofiles to export every setting, and than associating all profiles with a single blank universal profile. (Like default profile when first importing a custom material) This will make it much easier to share profiles and materials.

The concern is how to organize this, so not every profile shows up when just looking for a certain ABS.

Would love any feedback you may have

@karrad It will be good only for custom user materials, but it can make problems for standard materials, because if we change some important setting in base profile - custom will be not updated.
Only thing that I can suggest is export base profile with user profile, but merge it only if this base profile is missing while importing.

@victor_larchenko That sounds good, lets give it a try.

victor_larchenko closed this task as Resolved.Jul 19 2018, 1:59 AM

@karrad, now it should work, please check

@victor_larchenko After importing a creating a custom material and profile from that material, importing both into a fresh build work successfully. (No error as before) The problem is the profile is not selectable after importing both into a new machine. Tested on a standard Mini.

1.) Created custom material and custom profile from material
2.) exported both material and custom profile
3.) clear cache and restart cura
4.) import material, than import profile (no errors)
5.) attempting to select the custom profile is not an option, just the "default" is available

@karrad, using steps you wrote above, all working as expected. Do you use code from T2510 branch, or from master?

@victor_larchenko My apologies, it looks like I was on master. Fresh build of T2510 branch shows success using a LulzBot Mini:

I got a crash once restarting Cura LE after importing a material and a profile;

1.) Clear cache, run T2510 branch
2.) Duplicate CSL ABS, create custom profile LulzBot Mini
3.) Clear cache, restart T2510 branch
4.) Import material and Profile
5.) Close and re-start Cura LE:

karrad added a subscriber: alexei.Jul 26 2018, 10:51 AM

@victor this looks great, Crash is gone. I have tested with Mini, Mini 2, Taz 5, and TAZ 6 v3 dual.

@alexei I think we are good to merge for more intensive testing

karrad added a subscriber: victor_larchenko.
alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2018, 1:14 PM

Merged into master.