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BUG: Manual Port Selection and Baud Rate
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3.2.21 on Hillstar
Started this morning with a fresh cache
3 instances running
3 machines configured each to a different port (not on AUTO)
Machine 1: ACM0
Machine 2: ACM1
Machine 3: ACM2

Started a print from all 3 without issues
Then began a SD print on Machine 3
Disconnected Machine 1 to perform an adjustment
Attempted to reconnect to Machine 1
CuraLE decided to try to connect to Machine 3 on ACM2 instead of Machine 1 on ACM0 as specified, and killed the SD print running.
Why would CuraLE attempt to connect to a port other than the one clearly specified under machine settings?

Also, connecting takes too long because although the baud rate is specified in machine settings, CuraLE takes extra time to "Autodetect baudrate" even though it is specified. I don't think this should be occurring.

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Here is the terminal log from the instance referenced above:

You can see in the log that this instance had previously connected to and printed to ACM0
Towards the end of the log you can see where the instance attempted to connect to ACM2
There is no reason it should have done this, as the machine selected was specified as ACM0

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@karrad, I tried to replicate this, but have not issues with 2 printers on different ports. I tried SD print + USB print and all works correctly. When inspecting code I do not find any problems.
I should test it on 3 machines when we recieve parts with new Archim board. I will also continue to look for the problem in the code.

@TKostennov I am unable to duplicate this as well, once setting the port i am only getting attempts on that port. going to close this one out.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Sep 21 2018, 8:41 AM