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Bug: V3 Dual Skirt allowed to print outside of build volume
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Using the standard settings for the Dual v3 on both Cura 2.6.69 and Cura 3.2.20, we are able to get the fan shroud on the E1 extruder into the wiping pad and homing button. We can do this by printing with the E2 extruder (selected as the active extruder for the print) as close as we can to the left side of the print bed. Even with a brim or skirt the issue persists, as the brim and skirt can print into the grayed out safety buffer. Also printing the skirt or brim on a print with the E1 extruder as the active extruder, but having the E2 extruder do the brim or skirt results in the same issue.

Another thing that was discovered was the ability to completely remove the grey safety buffer by setting the Build Plate Adhesion Type to none and turning Generate Support off, allowing the E1 extruder to also run the fan shroud into the homing button and wiper pad.

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@nathan Hmm, as the V3 was never tested/designed to be a single headed extruder we can try to find a software workaround.

If i am reading the description correctly, this will only happen when printing at the far ends of the plate in the X direction when printing with a single extruder?

@karrad This issue comes up when it is being used as a Dual extruder as well, you just set the skirt or brim to print out with extruder 2, then get the brim to be in the grayed out zone on the left side of the build plate in Cura. I didn't test the right side, but the only things to run into there are the leveling corners. But you are correct that this happens when printing at the ends of the plate in the x direction.

@nathan I think I see what you are saying. Rocktopus Maxed out for example:

To the far edges, the skirt will be in the disallowed area causing impact on both the right and the left.

nathan added a comment.EditedJun 12 2018, 9:10 AM

@karrad Yea, that's about right. Another thing you can do is take a print and alter the dimensions until you get a flat print that runs along one side for a more complete left/right test like this:

If you want to see what it looks like when you turn off the gray safety zone, I can show you that and the settings that you need for that as well.

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@nathan Nope you are good, thanks for the follow ups! It looks like skirt is not being taken into account as part of the "denied" area. We will get this updated so it is taken into account, and this should prevent contact.

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@karrad I'm not sure that this is the only issue we need to look at. Look at this:

I can get this by turning off a few settings, while this is the right side:

I can now get the entire print right up against the homing button and wipe pad, while the right side is still protected.

@nathan What settings are changing

@karrad Here is a screenshot:

It's probably because it is printing as a single extruder now, and you mentioned earlier that it is not intended to, but I would think that it should at least have the grey areas swapped.

@nathan Sorry, i am a little confused here. Are you having issues with the E1 nozzle hitting the pad/button when printing skirt with E2? Or is this only happening when printing using 1 extruder?

@karrad The skirt issues happen regardless of the tool head used for them, as it is encroaching into the safety zone. The second issue that is pictured above happens to the E1 nozzle, due to it being the only active extruder during the print. However, the gray zone disappears when the generate support and build plate adhesion are turned off, allowing the E1 extruder to get close enough to allow the fan shroud to go over the homing button and wiping pad.

Essentially, there are two slightly separate issues here. Sorry for the confusion.

@nathan Not a problem, thank you for the clarification!

@TKostennov With support and skirt turned off, Cura is ignoring the safety area on the V3 Dual Extruder, TAZ 6 to the left when first loading a model:

If you right click the model and re-select print with extruder 1, it re-introduces the safety zone with these settings off:

@TKostennov @victor_larchenko T2960 could be related, I am not sure which of you is best to handle this.

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We have not heard any more reports of this issue, closing down. Will re-open if needed