Correct 'Lulzbot' with 'LulzBot'
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This can be done after the new theme is in place.

Throughout: LulzBot is not correctly capitalized. Use "LulzBot" instead of "Lulzbot" throughout the site.

We can just do a grep replace lulzbot and Lulzbot with LulzBot. Upper L Upper B.

This should also be corrected in any alt="" for images.

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Is this fixed ?

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Closing until someone finds one that was missed.

Oh thanks. I never thought to look at the project names, I kept thinking about the LulzBot in the html source or the headers/footers/etc..
When I went into admin to look for it and fix it, I found quite a few others (2 in project names and 6 in project descriptions). It's all fixed now.