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Twool Head Clean Up
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While everything is up and running, the naming convention on the back end is pretty messy.

TwoolHead vs Twool Head

If things get slow, we should go back and clean this up for a more polished product.

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karrad created this task.Jun 6 2018, 12:00 PM
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If possible, could the naming be changed to just Twoolhead (1 word) to match my docs? Definitely not necessary but would be cool

We should be able to do that, not sure when this one will get tackled but will try to get it in before next release.

@coloradoprintingproject Any idea how many custom profiles have been made off these changes so far? Some of this backend clean up will break those custom profiles

Awesome! And not many, I've been waiting for the official release to promote this. Should be fine to make the changes, and sooner will be better than later.

Again, thanks so much for getting this in. I know your plate was pretty full without it!

Default material needs updating

Gah, no problem! Thanks for letting me get my teeth wet with your product.

no profiles for:

Cheetah, PVA, Polydissolve, Polyflex, Semiflex. Remove from material definitions.

@coloradoprintingproject Updated naming to "Twoolhead" for you, and have the profiles adjusted for proper format. Do you have a preferred first print material?

Awesome, thanks man! Polylite works for me

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@coloradoprintingproject No problem! We will get this one merged into 3.2.24, sorry for any delay on your profile development.

@alexei This one is ready for review and merge. Fresh build locally, no missing profiles, no criticals, no lag.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2018, 8:40 AM

The changes pushed to master.