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Nozzle Scrubbing Pad Testing
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We would like to test various nozzle scrubbing pads to see if we can find a more effective solution that does not wear down the nickel on the plated copper nozzles but still cleans the nozzle of filament material.

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anolen created this task.Jun 11 2018, 2:24 PM
anolen triaged this task as Normal priority.
anolen added a comment.EditedNov 26 2018, 4:06 PM

Using the #7447 Red Scrubbing Pad
Using Gcode ~150 prints worth of nozzle cleaning/wipes on the wiper pad at 170 C.







Here is the gcode I used:

adam added a subscriber: adam.Nov 27 2018, 10:49 AM

looks like the red pad is going to chew through both kind of nozzles pretty quickly as a standard pad

It did cause wear on both nozzles types. I think we need to run these same tests on different levels of wiper pad abrasiveness to determine if we can use something like this at all. Ill post results here as soon as I have them for the pad samples I already have here.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Nov 28 2018, 7:59 AM

@anolen Can you run a couple of prints using the damaged nozzles to see how it affects prints? We are currently including the scrubbing pad in our tool kits

@karrad, Can Do, I'll include running a couple prints after testing to my wiper pad and scrub pad testing process.

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Jan 25 2019, 9:21 AM

@anolen We have been testing the white scotch brite on Quiver, but have we tested it on any other machine yet? Would this be a good replacement at all?

@DaniAO I have replaced all my minis with this wiper pad, different thicknesses, some treated, some not. I was using them to get a broader idea of how they were working. I think it could be a good total replacement but I would need a week or so to really put it to the test and see how it cleared off the copper nozzles, probably not much of a difference I would imagine. One thing is that the size I recommend is cut for the Taz Pro wiper mount, we would either need to have different sizes OR we could use the same size and use 3 of them on the widened mini mount and 2 on the normal mini and taz mounts.

I have had the new style of Wiper pad installed on my minis, tazs and quivers (taz pro) for a while now and they work better for me than our current polyester - abs treated wiper pads. Both the hardened steel and copper nozzles have been cleaned quite well and they are both more consistently clean, still not perfect tho.
I do think it would be a good idea to have them cut to different sizes for other mounts, measurements bellow:

Taz Pro = 25mm x 90mm (x1 per wiper mount, x2 per machine)
**These are cut with the intention of them being folded long ways and inserted.

Mini 1 and 2 SE and older = 25mm x 90mm (x1 per wiper mount, x1 per machine)
**These are cut with the intention of them being folded long ways and inserted.

Mini 2 HS and HS+ = 14mm x 94mm (x3 per wiper mount, x1 per machine)
**These are cut with the intention of them being placed into the wide mount side by side

Here is the dip mix ratio:
3 3/4 Cups of Water + 59 grams (0.13 lbs) of Polymaker Polydissolve.

Please dry completely before use!

We added the new wiper pads we had available to some of the printers in Tech Support. Some of them are a bit too low and the nozzle doesn't quite touch them, but the ones that do touch and wipe properly seem to leave less dust and residue in general compared to the other pads we have used.

If we are going with the 3M 98 white, we will need to try to source quickly. Can someone please take a look at the link above and confirm this is what we want?

DaniAO added a comment.Feb 5 2019, 4:13 PM

@anolen please confirm the link for @jessica

anolen closed this task as Resolved.May 14 2019, 10:36 AM

Closing this ticket. We can open a new one for future wiper development/testing.