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New Firmware LCD Pause and Resume issues
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When Pausing, Changing Filament, and Resuming from the LCD screen the Taz 6 printer resumes at a 5mm offset on the X and Y-axis' towards the right front bed washer. This does not occur through Cura 3.2.21 when using pausing functions on the interface.

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@marcio We use an offset in cura for the nozzles, maybe marlin losing that after a change filament?

@Darian Is this using the stock tool head, or the V3 Dual extruder? I noticed this forum post here:

It is a V3 dual extruder, we tested the same thing on a printer here and found the same shift.

@karrad: I'm thinking this is related to T2181. Marlin seems to have problems stopping a print and maybe those problems are exhibited when pausing too. Would be curious if other FWs other than TAZ 6 were exhibiting the same issue.

Also, is this only on the dual, or do you see the issue on a single toolhead as well?

@marcio We only see this with the dual V3, we did test it with an Aerostruder as well and saw no shift.

@lansky The shift is in both X and Y directions, or just X?

From what I could tell when it pauses off of Cura it checks the end stops when it goes to resume where as with the pause function on the LCD it does not test end stops before resuming. Not sure if this is the issue but it was a difference that stuck out to me.

@Darian After selecting the change filament option, how easy is it to move the tool head on the x axis just by pushing the tool head?

@karrad I'm not really sure, that isn't something I had tested. If you would like I can do so and get back to this thread with a result.

@Darian Please do! For the regular pause option, we lock the X axis motor in place to prevent movement when inserting filament. We do a double check by re-homing after the normal pause.

@karrad yes the X-axis locks up when doing "change filament" but does not re-home afterwards just tries to go back and print at a 5mm diagonal shift.

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The original forum poster added this to his thread and I thought it would be good to include here. " Additionally, if you press Pause via the LCD interface, and then press Change Filament 1 or Change Filament 2, you will get stuck on the Change Filament screen and nothing will happen, and you cannot resume the print."

Not just filament change but a common pause and resume creates the same problem on the dual v3 as well.

karrad raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Jun 25 2018, 8:33 AM

We can confirm that upgrading to from 7/13/18 this issue seems to persist. We paused during a print and then resumed and had a ~5mm deviation. This was a taz 6 dualstruder v3 purchased in the last 15 days.

I was just having the same problem when trying to use the pause at layer height function on a Mini 1.04 with a standard toolhead, only when it goes to resume it drops the toolhead below the bed and I powered off the machine before seeing if anything bad happened.

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@Yahuba please test if a layer shift happens when pausing in 1.1.9.x (most recent)

Please test TAZ 6 v3 dual, Mini 2 Standard Extruder, TAZ 6 Standard Extruder, Mini Single Extruder

Tested pausing/resuming prints using Marlin with Cura LE 3.2.21 & 3.2.24
TAZ 6 v3 dual - layer shift reproduced
Mini 2 Standard Extruder - No layer shift
TAZ 6 Standard Extruder - No layer shift
Mini Single Extruder - No layer shift

karrad reassigned this task from Yahuba to marcio.Aug 15 2018, 7:11 AM

@marcio It looks like we were able to confirm the issue is still present for the v3 in the 1.1.9 branch. If we can get this sorted, will be another reason to rev all the tool heads

@karrad: If you could get me a toolhead, I think I can round up a TAZ 6 and try to come up with a reproducible test case. My guess is that we likely will have to open a ticket with upstream with this.

karrad lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Aug 17 2018, 8:32 AM

If its of any use to folks we've found that the filament change process as well as a toolhead change (ie. just printing from T0 and then switching to T1) causes the offset. However, if we do a find and replace to stop at a given layer height and issue the M600 command the printer is able to successfully move to a defined position and perform a filament change and resume the print without an offset. We also observed that if you included the command after M600 to re-home X and Y the offset bug occurred.

The filament change park position was causing the Y endstop to be triggered. This causes Marlin to prematurely abort the move without correcting the coordinates. This is why there was a print offset after the filament change. I pushed a fix as

@wiretapbrewing: The fix I put in only affects the filament change routine or the pause function. If you are also seeing an offset when using T0 or T1, then it is possibly another issue. I am unable to reproduce an offset with T0/T1, but I was able to clearly see one during the filament change (and this has been fixed).

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@marcio The shift looks to be fixed, no issues on TAZ 6 v3 dual in that regard.

After resuming the print, there is a very long filament purge that automatically starts. Can we make that a user option, instead of going into it by default?

The filament purge is necessary to load the filament into the hot end. How else would this be done? We can change the length of the purge, but there is no way to make it optional.

@marcio This is a pause function, not a change filament function. Some users will want to pause the print, embed an item (electronics, bell, wires, etc) and hit resume w/o purging a lot of filament.

Well, this change will need to be made upstream. The LCD menu structure is not something we can modify and maintain ourselves. At the moment, I have a PR I opened in April for the reorganization of the top level menu structure and that one still hasn't been looked at, so it may take a lot of persistence to get an enhancement like this in place.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Aug 23 2018, 8:18 AM

@marcio Okay, as this one was originally opened for the offset I am going to close this out. Pause and resume functionality has been logged on T3398

Yahuba added a comment.EditedSep 5 2018, 1:48 PM

This issue or something that resembles this has resurfaced while testing CuraLE 3.2.26 running FW We were able to reproduce it 3 times in a row.
System info: Mac OS X High Sierra
Printer: Taz 6
Toolhead: Flexy Struder

To reproduce:
Pause print after it has started - toolhead raises and moves to back right corner
Raise tool head several mm (I raised it 50mm)
press Resume button - print resumes at the height user set instead of returning to the height where printer left off.

Log attached.