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Achemon, Banded, Dingy Incorporation to Cura LE
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We will need to add in Achemon, Banded, and Dingy tool heads for testing and profile development.

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Initial achemon profiles on T2634

@benmalouf @mcoronado Do you forsee any issues having "LulzBot Mini 2 Achemon" in our next public release of Cura? We would like to get these incorporated for internal testing.

This will be the same for Banded Tiger, and Dingy Cutworm

No, should be fine. We even mention "future tool heads" on our spec page. The fact that these products are coming is a selling point/added value for the Mini 2. You will want to make sure sales and TSR are aware so they are ready to answer questions though.

Thanks, sounds good! We will get them going.

@lansky Just a heads up, we will have these included in 3.2.22 releases and newer. Achemon is the only one ready for incorporation atm, we are still generating more material profiles for testing. All should be included before the next public release.

karrad added a subscriber: adam.Jun 13 2018, 11:31 AM

@eBeardslee and @Megan the info in this ticket would be go to also pass along to your teams should they get any questions.


Achemon machine, PLA, nGen profiles on branch T2941

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@karrad , The default material is set wrong:

2018-06-18 07:26:35,246 - WARNING - [(139930891740928)-MainThread] cura.Settings.CuraContainerStack.findDefaultMaterial [482]: The preferred material "*PolyLite_PLA*" could not be found for stack LulzBot Mini 2 Achemon fdmextruder

@alexei Double check that you have cleared your cache. I am not getting that error on my end with a build of T2941 and cache clear

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jun 18 2018, 8:12 AM

@karrad , it worked after clearing cache. Merged to master.