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BUG: CURA LE opens two of the same object when clicking on STL file.
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When I open an STL file, the screen shows two of the objects. I have to delete one of them (The one not centered on the print bed) to continue.
I am using 3.3.21

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@Iguanaman , should be fixed with rCTe5023794a0de

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Jul 20 2018, 11:36 AM

@alexei Did you have this one pop up again? I have been unable to duplicate it

Yes. I got the last version 3.3.24 hoping it was resolved but it still happens.

Windows 10. 1803.

@Iguanaman Can you post the (or a file if it is happening on multiple files) and what operating system are you running?

I will post an stl file tonight when i get home

@Iguanaman Sounds good, we will get it over to our windows tester to try to duplicate as well.

Some have been stl files from thingiverse "moon lamp" 9 inch size for example. The others have been from fusion 360.

This is a clock body I've been working on.

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@Yahuba Please try to duplicate

Yahuba added a comment.EditedJul 23 2018, 9:13 AM

Tested loading ClockBody3_v5.stl on CuraLE 3.2.21 on Windows 10 (Build 1803) with both Lulzbot Mini and Taz6 pre-sets using the sidebar load button and FIle>Open from drop off menu.
We were unable to duplicate. FIle loaded one item in every test.

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@Yahuba Thank you much, I will give this a try on my home system as well

The issue appeared when clicking on the STL in file explorer which would start Cura LE. That's is when the duplicate appears. Not loading the file after Cura starts.

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@Iguanaman Ahh thank you! That one we are able to duplicate on linux as well!

Opened by right clicking STL, open with Cura-lulzbot.

@Yahuba Can you give this one a try on your suites?

Yahuba added a comment.EditedJul 23 2018, 10:51 AM

Was able to duplicate by launching via clicking on .stl file. Not specific to this file either, you can try and launch any .stl file this way and will end up with a duplicate.
A little tricky in WIndows 10 because it launches in Windows 3d native app. If you right click on file and select "Open with...", requires a little bit of navigating to the Programs (86) folder but once you launch it with CuraLE, you get double of the device.

Will attempt in other operating systems and report back as well.

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@Yahuba Thanks for verifying.

@TKostennov Can you please look into this?

Log from linux:

We were able to replicate in all the other Operating Systems in our testing lab using CuraLE 3.2.21 with presets for both Mini and Taz 6 printers with the only exception being the Mac OS X builds.
Mac OS X (High Sierra & El Capitan) = loads 1 copy of file
Windows 7 = loaded 2 copies of file for both Mini and Taz 6 presets
Debian = loaded 2 copies of file for both Mini and Taz 6 presets
Ubuntu (Zesty & Xenial)) = loaded 2 copies of file for both Mini and Taz 6 presets

@karrad Fixed. Test it please, on my local build it works correctly.

karrad reassigned this task from TKostennov to Yahuba.Jul 25 2018, 8:50 AM

@Yahuba Can you please test this on 3.2.24 for win/mac

Confirmed fix across all OS platforms in build 3.2.24.

@Yahuba Thanks for verifying.

@Iguanaman The latest 3.2.24 build should have this fix in place if you would like to give it a try. Just a note, we are merging in a few other fixes before we cap cura .24 so there will be a few more changes over the next ~24 hours.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2018, 10:59 AM

Iwas able to test on windows with july 24th nightly build and seemed to work correctly

@Iguanaman Great to hear, thanks for working with us on this! If you have any more issues, please let us know.