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Update Dual Extruder Calibration Guide
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With the changes made to the Dual Extruder V3 it might be a good idea to add a different guide that doesn't have all the extra steps that are no longer necessary like leveling your nozzles and adjusting your x/y offsets. Just to avoid confusion with customers.

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Another thing that we should do is update the steps/photos to show the steps in Cura LE, instead of Legacy. This is more for the old Dual heads, but can also apply to the standard heads as well.

While digging through OHAI today I noticed that we have a calibration guide for the V2 Dual Extruder, but it is in the accessories and upgrades section. Could we move that to the Calibration section to make navigation a bit easier for customers? It would also be nice to have it updated for Cura LE.

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I don't understand...
Are we talking about the V3 Dual Extruder or the V2 Dual Extruder?
V3 Dual guide here:
V2 Dual Calibration here:

Please clarify what is being requested
Reworking the V2 Dual guide to include CuraLE is unlikely to happen, IMO

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